Concert Venues

This week Leo writes about the awesome concert venues near Mudd – enjoy!

As a part of my tours, I always like to mention how Harvey Mudd’s location makes it easy for students to go to concerts. In this post, I will list some venues that I have been to, or venues that I really want to go to, as well as the time it takes to get there without traffic. I’ll start off by listing the venues that are in the City of Pomona, which is one of Claremont’s neighboring cities, and continue on to Los Angeles and other venues around Claremont.

Leo 1

The Fox Theater in Pomona, an 11 minute car ride from Harvey Mudd without traffic. Here, I saw the Mexican rock band Cafe Tacúba fall semester sophomore year.

Leo 2

The Glass House in Pomona, a 12 minute car ride without traffic.

Leo 3

El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, a 52 minute car ride without traffic. Here, I watched Albert Hammond Jr live fall semester freshman year, and actually took this picture!

Leo 4

The Forum in Inglewood, a city near LA, a 53 minute car ride without traffic.

Leo 5

The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, a 46 minute car ride without traffic. Here, I watched Vampire Weekend with opening act Beirut during fall semester freshman year.

Leo 6

The Nokia Theater LA Live in Los Angeles, a 41 minute car right without traffic.

Leo 8

The Observatory in Santa Ana, a 45 minute car ride without traffic. Here, I watched one of my favorite bands, Cage the Elephant during spring semester sophomore year.

Of course, there are many, many more venues than the ones I listed above. As you can see, I attended all of these concerts while being here at Mudd. Before Mudd, I had never been to a concert, and being here at Mudd has made it very easy to go to many. In many cases, the Committee for Activities Planning (CAP) here at Mudd will subsidize a concert that students want to go to, making it even easier for students to go watch their favorite bands!