Return of the Louch

The Louch Rises Again

Along with clocks, students, and board games, couches abound in East Lounge. So many couches, in fact, that there is little room to walk. In an attempt to rectify this crowded situation, Allison Mis ’15 and Andrew “Silver” Gibiansky ‘15 spearheaded a dorm-wide effort to summon a legendary creature from ancient East Dorm mythology: the Louch. A towering quadruped six feet high at the shoulder, the Louch weighs over a hundred pounds and can bear many times* its weight.

To summon the legendary Louch, we gathered vast quantities of lumber and aluminum and performed many hours of labor-intensive rituals in the student machine shop and in East Courtyard, with detailed instructions provided by alumnus Chris Cotner ‘13.

The cutting fluid isn't everywhere because it's boiling off the metal.

Machining the corner brackets on the CNC mill.

First, the lumber was cut to precision and lovingly sanded with the utmost care and attention to detail. Then, the pieces of lumber were anointed with a deep brown stain, and bolt holes were drilled in strategic locations. Simultaneously, four corner brackets were milled out of solid aluminum pieces. This entire operation took roughly 180 man-hours over the past four weeks, with many dorm members contributing their time, labor, and skill to the completion of the project. Finally, on Sunday, November 2nd, as the sun began to dip below the horizon, casting long shadows over the lumber beams in East courtyard, everything began to come together. Wood and metal became one as the Louch assembled before our very eyes, and the whole dorm rejoiced as there was once again room to walk in East Lounge. Disclaimer: I’m only showing pictures of the fun parts.

Counting screws is more fun than sanding.

Dustin Kane ’16 counts screws.

Andrew Bishop '18 leads the carpentry effort.

The wood is beautiful. Then again, it’d be pretty sad if we painstakingly sanded and stained by hand. and wasn’t.

The Louch rises again!

Now, we have a gaming cave underneath the Louch! And space to walk!

Strangely, I have been behind on my homework lately.

*Solidworks Simulation predicts a safety factor of 30.