Summer Lovin’ Havin’ a Blast

Right now we have about 200 students, or 25% of our student body, on campus doing research or working. In this blog I’d like to give you some ideas about what students do on the weekends by giving a summary of what I did this weekend and a brief description of what some of my other friends did as well.

My Weekend  

Saturday, July 19th 8:30 am

I started my weekend by heading over to West Covina to renew my CPR and First Aid training. I am going to be a Sontag Proctor next year and all Proctor’s are required. After my 6-hour session I received a nifty certification card.

Saturday, July 19th 8:00 pm

The weekend really started getting fun when, with a group of 5 friends, I went to the 626 Night Market in Arcadia, CA.


Us right before we entered the market


Arcadia is about 30 minutes away from campus and it is a great place to get some amazing Asian cuisine. The 626 Night Market is an annual event that mimics the style and format of a traditional night market. There are food and shopping vendors selling a wide range of goods. But for me the event was all about the food. We started with sauteed skewers and grilled banana topped with chocolate and cheese. Then we moved on to spicy noodles followed by a pineapple smoothie that was housed in a full sized pineapple. Next, we had some delicious carne asada fries and Mango Lassi (not together…). Then we got squid balls and Boba tea.


This is a picture of the squid balls, which are called Takoyaki in Japanese

This is a picture of the squid balls, which are called Takoyaki in Japanese

A picture chefs making the Takoyaki

A picture chefs making the Takoyaki


Finally, we ended the night at the food trucks. The night market had a lot of the LA’s most famous food trucks like The Grilled Cheese Food Truck and Waffles de Liege. We just had to sample both of course.


Us in front of The Grilled Cheese Truck

Us in front of The Grilled Cheese Truck

The delicious waffle

The delicious waffle

Sunday, July 20th 12:00 am

Once we got back from the market I was suddenly overcome with the urge to watch Lilo & Stitch. I was shocked when I realized that Stitch was called Experiment 626… Was it coincidence or fate…?

Sunday, July 20th 4:00 pm

I ended the weekend with a movie. I went with Ji Su, one of the other senior interns, to the Claremont Village to go and see “Begin Again.” Half way through the movie, I was overcome with the desire to go get Ph at a Vietnamese restaurant about a 5-minute drive from campus. So when the movie was over we went and got some more delicious food. We ended the night by joining two of our other friends to get gelato.


Alternative Plans

If you don’t like food as much as I do, I just wanted to mention some of the things some of my other friends did this weekend.

Philip’s weekend 

On Saturday, Philip left with 3 other HMC students to head to Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree is a beautiful park about 1.5 hours from campus. Students often go to go camping, hiking and to look at the stars. Philip and his friends spent the day hiking and climbing boulders.

Priya’s Weekend 

Harvey Mudd senior, Priya, spent most of Sunday studying for the GRE (the SAT for graduate school) for when she applies for graduate schools this coming fall. Yes, some Harvey Mudd students even study during the summer.


So now I’ve given you guys an idea about what students do during the weekends when they aren’t working. Look out for Ji Su’s article on what students do during the week. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. My email is