The Claremont Wilderness

Hey everyone, I’m Risa! I am one of the summer Senior Interns in Admissions.

I’ve been having a very relaxed summer so far working part time in Admissions and part time in my research lab (Bioengineering with Professor Orwin). For research I am working with antibody arrays to characterize the cytokine response of several types of cells while in different environments. Outside of work I have been enjoying my access to the kitchen in my Sontag suite making things like lasagna cupcakes and hopefully caprese salads once my tomatoes ripen.

Lasagne cupcakes

Tomatos on vine

There are a variety of outdoor adventures to be had around Claremont and this past weekend I went hiking on the Claremont Wilderness Loop with some friends (below from left to right: Tyler, Henry and Lin). This 5 mile loop is only about  2 miles away from campus and is a wonderful, not too challenging hike to do on a sunny but admittedly too hot Saturday.

Tyler, Henry and Lin on the Claremont Wilderness Loop

Here is a picture of a strange plant that is too big for its own good.

Tall plant in wilderness

On this hike I discovered that my phone camera has a panorama option so I had to have some fun with that!

Panorama of wilderness park

Around the top there is a cute little shade that you can rest under and a beautiful view of the valley.

Panorama view

We got through this hike with minimal sun burn and I have high hopes to conquer and climb Mount Baldy sometime later this summer! One of my favorite activities on campus is the annual Pre-Orientation Hike where student leaders take the soon-to-be freshmen on a 5 day backpacking trip before Orientation. I have been a leader on this trip for the past two years and it’s been loads of fun – next up this year is Yosemite! I believe there is no greater way to get to know your new classmates: probably sweaty and dirty + perhaps mosquito-bitten + confronting the reality of pooping in the woods (+5000 bonus points if you make eye contact with a bear) + chatting and jokes + 5 days straight = major group bonding.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at!