Stepping Into the Real World: Career Fairs

According to USA Today, Mudd graduates have the highest median starting salary of the major colleges in America. Mudders manage to get great jobs for themselves, as partly evidenced by this statistic. Luckily, HMC makes it easy to find these jobs by bringing employers to campus. Last week was the annual Mudd Spring Career Fair. Two career fairs are held every year at Mudd, one per semester. Almost a hundred companies set up booths in the Linde Activities Center gym, armed with recruiters, signs, and swag.

Mudders have three hours to put on their best business casual attire, print out fresh resumes, and chat with recruiters in the hopes of securing a job. Some people are searching for summer internships, others for more permanent positions. Regardless of the goal, the career fair experience for many Mudders follows a similar pattern.

First comes the sign-in process. This semester, students registered online and printed their name tags upon arrival at the fair. Next, students make their way into the fair itself, moving through the crowds to companies of interest to them. Once they find their target company, they have a chat with a recruiter. Depending on the company, this could include several brief technical questions or inquiries about past projects. The student then collects swag from the company in the form of shirts, edibles, flash drives, and more. Finally, they move on to the next company. At the end of the career fair, it’s always amusing to watch students pour out of the gym with empty resume folders and full bags of swag.

Career fairs are mostly about establishing contact between students and companies. Mudd has many great resources to help students get the most out of the fair. In the weeks leading up to the event, the Office of Career Services hosts resume reviews, mock interviews, and workshops on the proper way to chat with employers. By the time the career fair arrives, students are prepared and confident when meeting potential employers.

In the days surrounding the career fair, many companies give presentations to interested students. Some companies even hold on-campus interviews, making the hiring process even more convenient. Mudd does a great job of connecting with companies both big and small. Thanks to the career fair and all of the resources available for students, Mudders are able to catch the eye of many companies and find the jobs that they truly enjoy.