A Few Words On Mudd Dorms

Hey guys!! Since all Mudd freshman are required to live on campus I thought I would talk a little about the dorm culture here. Not all students living in each dorm fit the description of that dorm but these are just a few short thoughts that usually come to mind when talking about dorms here at Mudd. Prior to arriving on campus, freshmen are asked to fill out an extensive survey in order to be placed in the best fit dorm and there are spaces reserved specifically for freshmen in each dorm. There are eight dorms on campus, which are categorized into either ‘inner dorms’ or ‘outer dorms’.

Inner Dorms


South is often thought of as the ‘quiet’ dorm. It is one of the two closest dorms to the academic side of campus. Many of the residents enjoy hanging out outside, swinging on the tire swing, baking, uni-cycling, and playing board games. Most of the rooms are singles which makes it an attractive place for upperclassmen. The rooms are set up suite style, with a few singles connected by a small living area and sharing a bathroom.


West is often thought of as the ‘loud & outgoing’ dorm. West residents seem to have a lot of energy that they like to get out in interesting ways. It is always lively there and you never know what they might be up to. ¬†There is typically a fire pit which is the center of most of the dorm activity in west (which may or may not continue to be there…) and often you can find them deconstructing random things using unusual methods. The rooms are set up as two doubles connected by a bathroom, and it is ironically right across from South dorm.


North is thought of as the ‘athletic’ dorm. It is one of the four inner dorms and the rooms, like West, are set up as two doubles connected by a bathroom. A few of the student athletes here at Mudd live in this dorm. North is one of the louder dorms, often has music playing, and the residents are usually out late hanging out in the courtyard or enjoying themselves during a dorm meeting.


Although many Mudders, regardless of their dorm, enjoy playing video games, East is sometimes considered the ‘gaming’ dorm. This was the first dorm built on Mudd and ¬†rooms are set up as doubles connected by a bathroom. The residents enjoy playing games, hanging out in the lounge or courtyard, and dancing during dorm meetings.

Outer Dorms


Sontag is the closest of the four outer dorms to the academic buildings. It is sometimes regarded as the ‘retirement’ dorm. The rooms are set up suite style with singles and doubles being connected by a living area and sharing a kitchen and bathroom. Sontag as a whole, is a relatively quiet dorm, and the residents enjoy baking, and hanging out under the outdoor umbrellas or inside the lounge.


Atwood is the only dorm with three stories. First and Third Floors are pretty outgoing and often host parties in the legacy suites (which are basically suites that have their own well known culture) while Second Floor is thought of as relatively quiet in comparison. The dorms are set up as suites made up of one triple, two doubles, and four singles which share a living space and two bathrooms. Most of the dorm culture varies from suite to suite rather than the dorm as a whole.


Case is the only pink dorm on campus and its structure is in the shape of the letter ‘C’. Case is the second farthest dorm from the academic side of campus and is considered to be relatively quiet as well. The rooms are singles doubles, or quads which are split up into four halls in the shape of ‘L’s’, each of which share three bathrooms and a living space. There are a few larger parties hosted by Case dorm but for the most part residents stay inside or hang out in the two story lounge (which has a cool spiral staircase), play pool, or play table tennis.


Linde is the farthest dorm from the academic buildings and is often thought of as the ‘loud & outgoing’ dorm. The rooms are set up in a suite style, with doubles and singles connected by a living area and sharing a bathroom. Linde residents are thought of as laid back yet loud and outgoing. The residents often host parties and enjoy hanging out in the lounge or simply gathering in the living area of a suite.

Again, not all students fit these descriptions, they are simply a few fun thoughts that come to mind about each dorm.

& I guess that’s all for now guys!!!