Work Hard. Play Hard?

Hey guys! My name is Kharisma Calderon, and I am currently a freshman here at Mudd! I’m another Winter Intern, or “Wintern” here over break in the Office of Admission. Throughout this past semester I learned a thing or two about Mudd and the social life here. For one, the work is just as hard, if not harder, than what you would expect and that makes up a lot of your ‘social’ time with others. However, I found out that although work and projects take up a majority of our time, Mudders actually have social lives outside of school work!! … Ya, I know, kind of surprising!

Aside from the countless clubs, sports, or other activities you can get involved with, there are also parties! .. Ya I know kind of another surprise but us nerds do go to parties. There are two types of “on campus” parties that Mudders go to – 5C Parties, and Mudd-Only/2C Parties. Below are just SOME of the parties that Mudders have gone to within this first semester (there will be more next semester).

5C Parties

Since Harvey Mudd is a part of the Claremont Consortium a.k.a The Claremont Colleges, we are invited to all the 5C parties whether they are held on Harvey Mudd’s campus or on one of our 4 sister colleges. Just to clarify, the term “5C” basically refers to the 5 Claremont Colleges as a whole. 5C parties are basically just themed parties held throughout the year on either Pitzer, Scripps, Pomona, Claremont McKenna, or Mudd. Any student attending one of the five participating colleges with a student ID is admitted into the party. Often students attending the host college are allowed to register 1-2 off-campus(students not attending one of the 5Cs) guests as well.


One of  the first and more popular of the 5C parties, Foam, is actually hosted on Harvey Mudd. It is held towards the beginning of the first semester in the North Dorm courtyard. The cool part about this party is that a couple of foam machines are mounted over the second story railing and disperse foam down onto the crowd below. Students from all five campuses start arriving at 9pm and by 10pm the courtyard is filled with students dancing and having a good time in the foam. Those who live in the North Dorm are allowed to go up to the second story and the lounge to hang out there as well. Students typically arrive in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops, but by the end of the night most people have lost at least one sandal to the foam!  Below are a few pictures from Foam!

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West is yet another 5C party which is held on Mudd by none other than the West Dorm! If you couldn’t already tell by the name, this is a Western themed party which is held in the West Dorm courtyard. Throughout the week of the party, residents of West Dorm and South Dorm spend their time removing peanut shells, which are then used to cover the floor on the day of the party. Students from the different 5Cs arrive in boots, plaid shirts, and cowboy hats to dance on the peanut covered floor all night.


Casemas is a Holiday themed party held on Harvey Mudd and hosted by Case Dorm. It is held the weekend before finals which provides students a way to take a break from all of the intense studying and simply relax. The residents of Case dorm string up Christmas lights throughout the week, make holiday themed drinks, and clear out the center of the courtyard to make room for all of the party guests. Like Foam, the residents of the dorm are allowed inside the lounge and on the second story. The awesome part of this 5C party is that 5 tons of snow is blown throughout the courtyard as students dance and enjoy themselves!


Harwood is the largest 5C party which is hosted by Pomona in the parking garage. It’s a Halloween theme party so guests show up in their best costume. Like most parties, students are up dancing and having a good time from 9pm to 1 am. Most of the costumes are not store-bought so there are some creative, and interesting sights throughout the night! Like Foam, and Casemas, the area fills up quickly with people and students can socialize with others from different campuses.

Mudd-Only/2C Parties

Mudd-Only parties are held on Harvey Mudd campus and only Mudders and their guest are allowed to attend. 2C parties are held on Harvey Mudd as well, however, Mudders along with students from the invited Claremont College are allowed to attend. Included in this category are Catholic School Girl, Lingerie, and the Decades Party.

School Girls

School Girls is one of the more popular parties hosted by the Linde dorm, and since it is a themed party, the attendees arrive in their best school girl skirt and white button-up shirt. The best part is that this ensemble is not only for the girls; the guys search for, borrow, or buy a school girl skirt as well. The party is held in the lounge so there is a lot of dancing, however students can hang out on the second floor with their friends as well.

So although, Mudders are buried beneath a heavy work-load, and difficult courses, we do have lives (..sometimes)! Parties allow us to meet other students on our campus that we may not normally interact with much, as well as to form relationships with students from the other 5Cs. We not only have the tight-knit community of Mudd, but there are always new people to meet and befriend on other campuses which is exciting. If parties aren’t your thing, not to worry though! There are various other activities to get involved with to keep social!

Well… that’s all folks.