Pumpkins, Candy, and Holiday Cheer

And then it was November. When did that happen? Looking outside at the cloudless blue skies, it certainly doesn’t seem so late in the year. I guess that’s just my inner Seattleite rejecting the fact that it’s possible to have November without the accompanying rain, wind, and gray skies. My dorm spent a good deal of last night celebrating the fact that holiday music season has now officially begun by blasting music such as “Screech Trumpet Christmas”, “Carol of the Bells (Christmas Dubstep Remix)”, and the official “Pokémon Christmas Bash” CD. Needless to say, we’re all thoroughly inundated with the winter holiday spirit now.


The beautiful weather, as of about five minutes ago.

Of course, everything started off with Halloween. I like to think of it as the “gateway holiday” to the excess of late and winter festivities that won’t stop until 2014. Mudd has so many different fun activities come Halloween that there’s something for everyone.

The Dean of Students Office holds many campus-wide activities to encourage students to take breaks from studying and have fun celebrating Halloween. Every year, they organize the “Haunted Hoch”, in which they set up a miniature haunted house in a small courtyard on the side of the dining hall. It’s fun to see how dark walls, strobe lights, and plenty of props can transform a space so dramatically. The DoS Muchachos, as the student representatives of the Dean of Students Office are called, also show movies throughout the year in our huge lecture hall. This past week, they showed “Hocus Pocus” as a fun Halloween activity.


DoS Muchachos sign announcing the move event

Particular dorms offered other Halloween events around campus. For example, my dorm teamed up with South Dorm and carved pumpkins together. Some of the nerdier pumpkins that could be seen around the dorms included a d20 pumpkin and a pumpkin pi (for which 3.1415… was carved onto a pumpkin).


Another awesome pumpkin!

Specifically, my dorm hosts an event on Halloween weekend called Trick or Cheese, in which every suite buys a fancy type of cheese. At a designated time, everyone leaves their fancy cheese outside of their doors and anyone interested can walk around to sample all of the cheeses. Of course, what would Halloween be without costumes? Many Mudders dress up on that Halloweekend, as well as the holiday itself. Next door, Scripps has trick-or-treating on the night of Halloween, and many people participate as a fun respite from school work.


My friends and I created an accidental rainbow with our costumes


So as the last traces of Halloween candy rapidly disappear and pumpkins begin to rot in the bright sun, the holidays are upon us! Only six weeks lie between us and finals week, a slightly terrifying thought. I’ll be sure to write more during those six weeks, and I promise to include more pictures next time. If you have anything specific about Mudd you would like to know more about, just leave a comment and I’ll try to post about it!

Until next time,