Hello World!

As the summer rolls on, Harvey Mudd College remains a bustling hive of research and activity. We, the three summer interns working in the Office of Admission, shall attempt to keep the world up-to-date with all the fantastical inner happenings at Mudd. And now, by way of introduction:

James is a Scotsman

James McConnaughey hails from Vienna, Virginia, is a senior engineering major, and enjoys cookie dough ice cream. He just recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica with a team of Harvey Mudd engineers working on a project to bring small-scale, low-impact hydroelectric power generation to remote, off-grid communities. He dreams of saving the world, and sometimes wears spandex to class.


Angela Medina is from Fresno, California, is also a senior engineering major, and loves penguins. She worked on an engineering team last year on a project for the SternoCandleLamp company making eco-friendly food-heating systems for catering. She just recently participated in a study-abroad program in China last summer, in which she was studying…engineering and stuff.

Kaitlin is a Peacock

Kaitlin Hansen is the youngest of the group, a sophomore from Minnesota, who claims to also be considering engineering as a major. So we have a poor sample size and are not reflecting the true diversity of majors offered and pursued at Harvey Mudd. Oh well. Kaitlin enjoys fencing, which has to do with foils and sabers and very little to do with fences. She also likes the color red-green (the human eye can’t perceive it…it’s pretty hipster) and thunderstorms.