What Happens to My Application?

Now that our ED I application deadline has passed, it’s quite often that we get the question…”what exactly happens to my application after I hit that submit button on Common App?” Well, believe it or not, there’s quite a bit that goes on behind the scenes before your application even gets into the hands of an admissions officer.

Our amazing support staff, who you all speak to whenever you call the HMC Office of Admission, are currently hard at work ensuring that all of your Common

Our amazing support staff working hard to get all those app materials entered!

Application materials and get moved from the Common App website into our two databases. One that tracks all of your documents and where we record your information such as high school, phone number, email address, etc; and another where we actually log in to READ your applications.

One of my favorite days of the year as a college admission officer has historically been “mail opening day!” Basically when we get to spend all of (or most of) a work day sitting in the office opening all mail that has come in for application materials. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but after a busy travel season, it’s nice to have a day to simply sit back and relax with a basic task such as opening and organizing the mail. Alas, as we move into more of an electronic application process, we get to open less and less mail. It’s a good thing considering that it means we can all focus on other tasks and get to reading earlier, but it’ll be a part of the reading process that I’ll sorely miss….sigh 🙂

Once all of your materials have been recorded and moved into our reading “queues” we get to begin the actual application review process. Each application is read and reviewed by two people…your first reader is assigned by territory. For example, I am the first reader, or “territory manager,” for Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and the Carolinas (among others). To see who your territory manager is check out our Office of Admission Staff page! Your application will then be forwarded on to a second (and in most cases, randomized) reader whose job is mostly to either agree or disagree with the thoughts of the first reader and/or help to answer any questions raised by the first reader.

After ALL OF THAT is done, all six admission officers meet for days and days to go through each application as a group and make final decisions. We are also often asked if we ever “fight” over applicants while we’re in committee. Haha. While we definitely have disagreements from time to time, we tend to be on the same page for the vast majority of applications we review and, of course, we all respect one another professionally so there’s no need for heated arguments thankfully 🙂

So that’s it in a nutshell. There are of course nuances within that process but overall that’s how we’ll be spending the next few months before final decisions are released April 1st. We truly believe that such an important process requires an incredibly thorough review of your applications which is why we include so many steps in the review process. We’re lucky to be able to have such an amazing group of people who apply to HMC and I can’t even explain how much joy it brings us to be able to get to know you!