Peter Osgood, Poet

Our Director of Admission just got back from his little jaunt to China.  After giving about a gazillion successive presentations about Mudd, he found himself getting a tad bored (bored with the content of his presentations, at any rate — he could have done with a little more boredom on the traffic/car accident front).  So naturally he decided to rewrite his talk about Mudd in rhyming couplets.  Awesomeness.

So today, we bring you the essentials of Mudd, distilled into poetic format by Mr. Peter Osgood.

Harvey Mudd College – what’s that?  I don’t know!
A response you’ll receive wherever you go.

But tell them you want a science PhD
And most will concur — think of HMC.

Harvey Mudd is a college where science is fun
We work very hard, and then play in the sun.

STEM subjects are king, but not simply bounded
30% in humanities so you’ll come out well rounded.

For those who like teamwork, we may be the best
With an Honor Code working, you have take home tests.

We meet and join clubs with our neighborhood schools,
Take classes together, swim in their pools.

Mudd is so small you’ll know all your peers.
Your arrival on campus will draw many cheers.

Our teachers use Facebook — for them it’s a game
To memorize faces and call you by name.

Our term for community “n+1” really means
You grow as a person; your work’s done in teams.  

In labs and the workshops, you’ll learn and get dirty
We’re a great place for girls and boys who are nerdy.

Our research and projects, others try to mimic
But no one can quite do what we do in Clinic.

Big companies like Google pay money each term
Then four of our students team up for each firm.

The students solve problems, do original work
Then the firms make job offers — it is quite a perq.

We apply then for patents, 8-10 is the yield.
You leave college having already practiced your field.

Grad schools will pay you to come to their school.
Employers will hunt you — they’ll think you’re cool.

It’s fun, and hard work — you can’t be a dud.
There’s no place on earth quite like Harvey Mudd.

Innovators and leaders in science we raise;
Harvey Mudd College — the name should be praised.