FAQ #2 (online) – Can’t make it to ASP…what does Mudd actually look like?

Many of you admitted students on the Facebook Mudd app have been asking about what campus actually looks like. So…here are some photos from around Ac End as well as Residential End!

Bev being weird in the Sprague Learning Center…

Another shot of inside Sprague – lots of computers, both Macs and PC’s, and comfy couches. This the first floor of Sprague. On the third floor, the walls are covered by whiteboards and there are many round tables and swivel-y chairs for group work.

The Hoch Shanahan – our awesome dining hall

my attempt at an artistic shot of the Hoch.. I actually do love the big windows of our dining hall, and walking by at night, the Hoch is even more beautiful as some of the lights are kept on through the night.

Platt Student Center – where I come to do most of my homework 🙂 also, there’s free coffee here!

South dorm courtyard – hammocks & life size chess pieces

view towards the rest of residential end – you can see the inner dorms!

East dorm courtyard – the brightly colored table is our decorative plants table. All the plants were moved to the room next to mine for a party called Funball this past weekend. There was a bouncy castle at Funball, and free cotton candy too 🙂

my double in East! didn’t really clean up for this shoot, but at least you get a realistic photo.

my side of the room, in more detail! I brought that chair from Korea, actually. Invested quite a bit of money into buying it and shipping it because I figured I’d spend quite a bit of time in it working…turns out I do most of my work in places other than my room – Platt, Sprague, my friend’s suite…etc.

each double in East, North, and West comes with two closets and a sink area, and you share a bathroom with the double next to you 🙂 bathrooms get cleaned twice a month, and so does your room.

Anyway, I hope those pictures gave all of you a better sense of what the inside of Harvey Mudd looks like. During our tours we try to show at least one student room – for my tours, we show my tour guide partner Christian’s Atwood double, but during Admitted Students Weekend I showed my group my own room. The set up is a little different for each of the outer dorms – usually in suite style, except for Case, which has indoor hallways called L’s and has everything from singles, doubles, triples, and quads, but no suites. South is made of suites and doubles, and each suite comes with a common area, a bathroom, and 3-4 singles in it each.

When you enroll at Mudd, you will fill out a 4-5 page roommate matching form that will help the three orientation directors (all students!) decide who will be the best roommate for you and which dorm will be the best for you.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions about my posts or anything else about Mudd life, please feel free to shoot me an email or any of the other bloggers!  Enjoy the rest of your week!

Ji Su

(ji_su_lee at hmc dot edu)