Off-Campus Interviews

If you can’t join us on campus for an interview, you may still be able to connect with Harvey Mudd College in your area. Off-campus interviews are offered by our admission counselors during their travel in the fall, as well as by Harvey Mudd alumni in select cities throughout the country. You will find a listing of available off-campus interview opportunities below. Be sure to join our Prospect List to be notified when new off-campus interview dates are added for your area.

If you have already completed or plan to complete an on-campus interview, please do not sign up for an off-campus interview.

Admission Counselor Off-Campus Interviews

We have completed all off-campus interviews for fall 2016.

Alumni Off-Campus Interviews

We are no longer accepting alumni interview requests for fall 2016.

Where alumni interviews were offered in fall 2015

Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson
California: San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento-Davis, Santa Cruz, Eureka
Colorado: Denver, Boulder
Connecticut: Weston
DC: Washington metropolitan
Florida: Gainesville
Georgia: Atlanta
Illinois: Chicago, Champaign-Urbana
Iowa: Iowa City
Massachusetts: Boston metropolitan, Belchertown, Greenfield
Maryland: Baltimore, Columbia
Michigan: Ann Arbor, Linden
Minnesota: Twin Cities
Missouri: St. Louis
North Carolina: Raleigh-Durham
New Jersey: Newark
New Mexico: Las Cruces
Nevada: Las Vegas, Reno
New York: New York metropolitan
Ohio: Dayton
Oregon: Portland
Rhode Island: Providence
Texas: Dallas, Houston
Washington: Seattle metropolitan
Wisconsin: Madison