Off-Campus Interviews

If you can’t join us on campus for an interview, you may still be able to connect with Harvey Mudd College in your area. Off-campus interviews are offered by our admission counselors during their travel in the fall, as well as by Harvey Mudd alumni in select cities throughout the country. You will find a listing of available off-campus interview opportunities below. Be sure to join our Prospect List to be notified when new off-campus interview dates are added for your area.

If you have already completed or plan to complete an on-campus interview, please do not sign up for an off-campus interview.

Admission Counselor Off-Campus Interviews

See locations and dates of upcoming off-campus interviews for fall 2016.

Alumni Off-Campus Interviews

We start accepting requests for alumni interviews on September 12, 2016.
We match requests first-come, first-served and cannot guarantee an alumni interviewer in your area. Please click below to see where alumni interviews were offered last year.

Where alumni interviews were offered in Fall 2015

Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson
California: San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento-Davis, Santa Cruz, Eureka
Colorado: Denver, Boulder
Connecticut: Weston
DC: Washington metropolitan
Florida: Gainesville
Georgia: Atlanta
Illinois: Chicago, Champaign-Urbana
Iowa: Iowa City
Massachusetts: Boston metropolitan, Belchertown, Greenfield
Maryland: Baltimore, Columbia
Michigan: Ann Arbor, Linden
Minnesota: Twin Cities
Missouri: St. Louis
North Carolina: Raleigh-Durham
New Jersey: Newark
New Mexico: Las Cruces
Nevada: Las Vegas, Reno
New York: New York metropolitan
Ohio: Dayton
Oregon: Portland
Rhode Island: Providence
Texas: Dallas, Houston
Washington: Seattle metropolitan
Wisconsin: Madison