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My Study Abroad Experience, Part 5 of 5

  ¡Hola! This is the last post in my series about study abroad (SA). Let me tell you about traveling abroad and give some advice for future SA students. Traveling in Spain and Europe Fortunately, my academic classes were scheduled on Mondays through Thursdays. So, I spent my three day weekends on traveling to different […]

My Study Abroad Experience, Part 4 of 5

¡Hola! In previous posts, I’ve been talking about my study abroad (SA) semester. Let me tell you more about what my daily life in Madrid looked like: My typical day started around 8am. I would eat a quick breakfast and head to the local gym. I had all of my classes at the local university […]

My Study Abroad Experience, Part 3 of 5

Hi again! Today, I’ll be talking about the classes I took while studying abroad (SA) in Madrid, Spain in my junior spring semester. I took 3 humanities courses and 2 major (Computer Science) courses. Spanish Language in Context: This was a Spanish language course required by my SA provider. The program did not have a […]

My Study Abroad Experience, Part 2 of 5

Hi! It’s Jasmine again. In my previous post, I talked about how I ended up in Madrid, Spain my junior spring semester. Continue reading to learn about how I adjusted to my new home. My study abroad (SA) program started in mid-January and ended in late May, which matched with Mudd’s spring semester schedule. My […]

My Study Abroad Experience, Part 1 of 5

Hi everyone! I’m Jasmine, a rising senior, Computer Science (CS) major, from Orange County, California! Today I wanted to start a blog series to tell you about my study abroad (SA) semester in Madrid, Spain and try to convince you why you should also study abroad during college. Since there’s a lot to talk about, […]