Application Materials and Requirements

Transfer Application Requirements

  • Common Application or Coalition Application. A personal essay is required for either application. Harvey Mudd does not have a preference between the two applications.
  • $70 application fee or fee waiver. Fee waivers are available to those who demonstrate financial need. Request a fee waiver through the Common Application or Coalition Application.
  • Required Additional Writing. An additional essay and short answer response is required. Preview the required additional writing topics and questions.
  • Mid-Term Report. Required if currently enrolled; this form includes mid-term grades and faculty comments.
  • College/Transfer Report. To be completed by an advisor, dean of students or registrar.
  • Two Recommendations. To be completed by college instructors+.
    1. Math or science college instructor
    2. Humanities or social sciences college instructor
  • Official transcript from current college or university. We also require transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities.
  • Official final high school transcript. We also require official transcripts from all other high schools you may have attended.
  • Course descriptions. Copy the course descriptions from your college’s catalogue. Include all completed coursework. Your in-progress coursework can be entered in the Mid-Term Report. This is used for a preliminary credit evaluation.

+ Having this evaluation completed by a primary Instructor is preferred, but we understand in some instances this may be difficult to obtain. In such cases, an evaluation completed by a graduate/teacher’s assistant will be accepted.

HMC reserves the right to evaluate an application and render a final decision even if all pieces of the application have not been received.

Important Announcement

  • Beginning with students applying in 2021, Harvey Mudd will no longer require SAT Subject Tests. Read full announcement.
  • For students applying in 2021 and 2022, Harvey Mudd will be test-optional for the SAT and the ACT. Read full announcement.

Recommended Items

  • Campus visit: Mudd is a unique place, so we recommend you visit campus before you apply. While we don’t offer interviews for transfer students, you’re welcome to chat with an admission representative by phone or email if you have any questions.
  • Supplemental recommendation: If you have not had the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the faculty at your current institution, one additional recommendation may be submitted from a recent high school teacher (within the last two years). This will not replace either of the two required college instructor evaluations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a transfer or a first-year?

In general, if you have begun your college/university experience in a program that will earn a degree for you, we consider you to be a transfer candidate. Exceptions are made for students who are still enrolled in their secondary schools but who take part in dual credit programs – as long as the student has not graduated high school or completed a GED or equivalent leaving exam. Also, in general, we define freshman candidates as first-time, first-year college students.

There will be atypical cases: students who began as full-time university students but withdrew before completing a semester; students who took a gap year during which they attended some college courses without moving toward degree requirements; students who took an assortment of online and traditional courses; and other situations. If you have an atypical case and have questions about this, please email

I’m beginning my college experience but want to transfer. Can my AP or IB credits be applied to my credits if I transfer to Harvey Mudd? What about college courses I took in high school?

Mudd does not award credit for AP or IB or for college courses completed prior to high school graduation. If the student is still registered as a high school student and takes a college course (perhaps online or in summer), HMC will not award credit for those courses. Only college courses that were completed after the student graduated high school will be considered for credit by HMC.

Can I get a credit evaluation in advance of applying?

Unfortunately not. Our admission officers can make estimates about courses that might earn credit from Mudd, but we do not have the authority or perspective to guarantee credits in advance. Credit assessment at Mudd is made by faculty members from each department that consult with the Registrar to determine the courses that Mudd will accept for transfer credit.

Does Harvey Mudd have articulation agreements with other colleges?

No. Within The Claremont Colleges consortium, we are bound to accept courses taken at neighbor colleges for credit, but this is outside the scope of the main point of the question.

What should I know about transfer admission to Mudd that is unusual?

In several ways, transfer admission to Mudd is different from many institutions.

  1. For the past several years, we have not found space to enroll many transfer candidates. We might enroll only 3-6 transfers per year. This is from an applicant pool group of between 80-110 candidates.
  2. We only enroll transfers for the fall term.
  3. We do not allow international students who seek financial aid to apply to Mudd as transfers.
  4. We have no visiting student program – all transfers who enroll will matriculate as full-time Mudd students who plan to graduate from HMC.
  5. We will not entertain applications from people who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree and want a second degree.
  6. Academic preparation and making progress in courses similar to our Core Curriculum is key to our selection process. Please reference the FAQ on how to prepare for Mudd.
  7. Need-based financial aid is available to transfers but not merit aid.

How should I prepare for Mudd academically?

HMC’s curriculum is tied to our mission statement. One of our most prominent values is for all graduates to have a rounded education across all major areas of STEM. Accordingly, all Mudd students complete a Common Core Curriculum in their first 3 semesters. Transfer applicants should try to emulate this Core Curriculum so that they will not have to take many required Core courses at the same time that they focus on their major. We understand that few colleges have this type of Core Curriculum so it may take extra effort and planning for the applicant to fit all these courses into their current college experience.

Grades are another key consideration. Most transfer applicants have strong academic records and we have come to expect to see that kind of GPA quality in the candidates.

How important is my choice of major?

We will assess the student’s preparation for the intended major, and will seek feedback from the faculty in the respective department to assess the courses the student has completed toward the major. Most majors can be completed within 4 semesters at Mudd, but a few have sequential courses that might require a 5th term at Mudd. Of course, an important consideration is how well the student’s previous work aligns with our Core. The question of the student’s course compatibility with our Core is almost always more important than the intended major.

What are HMC’s general education requirements?

Rather than a general education program, Mudd requires all students to complete our Common Core Curriculum. Another set of (about 11) courses must be completed in areas outside of STEM: humanities; social sciences; and the arts (HSA). Thus, Mudd’s curriculum may not align with the student’s current school’s vision for a balanced curriculum or general education requirements.

Is financial aid available to transfers??

Absolutely! We meet 100% of every student’s demonstrated financial need.

Is merit aid available to transfers?

No. Our merit programs target first-year students. We have limited merit aid available and it is offered at the time of first-year admission.

May international students apply as transfer students?

As long as the student is not seeking financial aid, yes. We do not have funding sources to support international transfer students seeking financial aid so we do not allow them to apply.

Do you require English language proficiency tests of transfer students?

We do require an English proficiency requirement of all international applicants. The Proficiency tests we will accept include TOEFL, Duolingo English Test (DET) or IELTS. Transfer students may be able to use test results completed in prior years if they are still valid.

If the student has been attending courses for 2 years or more in which the language of instruction is English (with exception of courses like modern languages), we can waive the English proficiency requirement, when asked to do so. If English is the student’s first language, we will waive the proficiency requirement.