Early Decision vs. Regular Decision

If you’ve flipped through our Viewbook, browsed our website, visited our campus and are thinking to yourself, “This is definitely the place for me,” then Early Decision is the way to go.

With Early Decision, you let us know we’re your top choice, and we reward you by giving you a decision earlier than the rest of our applicant pool. Compare the information below to decide if Early Decision is right for you.

Early Decision

You apply earlier than our regular application date and promise that if Harvey Mudd College accepts you, Harvey Mudd is where you will attend school.

This is a binding program. If admitted, you’ll withdraw applications to other colleges and won’t start new ones. Please remember you’re only allowed to apply to one school Early Decision. (You may apply Early Action to other schools as long as you are not violating their policies.)

Early Decision lets you wrap up your college plans earlier in the school year, so you can sit back, relax and let senioritis kick in. (We’re kidding about the last part. While you’re certainly done sweating the college search stuff, we’ll still ask for those final semester grades and expect you to continue demonstrating the academic success we witnessed in your application.)

In the past few years, about 38 percent of our incoming class entered through Early Decision.

Regular Decision

When you apply through the Regular Decision program, you simply apply by our regular application date.

Regular Decision may be right for you if you need more time to get your application ready or maybe you have your eye on a few schools and want more time to weigh your options. Just remember: Many more students apply for Regular Decision admission than Early Decision, so it takes us longer to evaluate these applications.

About 38 percent of the first-year class will have entered Early Decision so a larger pool of applicants competes for a smaller number of spaces in the first-year class. We want to see grades from the first term of your senior year before we make a final decision.