Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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It’s Spring Break at Mudd!!!!!!

Woooooooooooh!!!! It is FINALLY the break we needed after all of those midterms (wipes sweat off of forehead). Spring Break is the motivation that keeps you going through those last few weeks of the first half of the spring semester. But, there’s one really important decision that every college student must make about spring break: do you stay or do you go home?

Photo of a line of trees in front of a mountain with snow at the top.

Campus over spring break this year with snow on the mountains! Photo credit: HMC

First off, there are a few important things that factor into this decision more than others.

  1. How long is the break?
  2. How far away do you live?
  3. Are flights super-duper expensive?

If the break is very short (like an extended weekend) I find that the ratio of stress/relaxation at home is just not worth trouble. For me, staying on campus and enjoying my free time with my friends is much more beneficial for me. But this does kind of depend on how far away from Mudd you live. 

I’m from Oklahoma so traveling back home is a whole day affair since I always have a layover. For some people though, it’s a short, direct, flight which is much less stressful. Other people live even closer and can actually drive home in less than a few hours. Obviously this is much cheaper than flying (and surprisingly it’s usually better for the environment than flying).

Another factor you should consider when you’re thinking about going home is the cost of flights. If it’s like April of 2021, then you might want to consider staying at home since flights are so expensive. Again, this depends on your personal budget and if a family member is helping you buy your flights. 

Choosing to stay at Mudd is not a choice you should be afraid of making. For many reasons, it may be the best choice for you. I found myself staying over last Thanksgiving break and I had a wonderful time. I missed getting to see my family, but overall it was the better choice for me. There are usually a number of other people who stay during breaks. On Thanksgiving the seniors in my dorm organized a big friendsgiving where we had a candle-lit potluck and drank Martinelli’s sparkling apple juice. In the end, there’s no wrong way to spend break as long as you get some good rest and relaxation.

This blog was written by: Audrey Thiessen '26. Intended major: chemistry. Oklahoma City, OK.