10/10 Study Spots at Mudd

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Good morning, afternoon or evening, prospective Mudders!

It’s no secret that one of the things we do the most at Mudd is studying, so during this first year at Mudd I discovered many comfortable/pretty/near to my room places to study on campus. Here goes a list of some of my favorite places to study in a group or by myself!

1) My dorm’s lounge: One of the great things about Mudd is its collaborative culture, and it gets even better when we collaborate just some steps away from my room!

Friends working on math/physics/scanning. Photo: Ana Studart

2) Someone’s room: It always starts with person A asking a homework question for person B and suddenly C, D and E are also there. It’s always nice to visit a friend at other dorms, see how their plants are going, and eventually do some coding for our biology class (especially if they have a nice carpet/rug 😉 ).

Karaoke break between some physics problems. Photo: Ellie Sundheim

3) Math department (3rd floor): I usually prefer to work inside, so I like the balance between having the view of the top of Shan while comfly sitting in the math department’s blue couches. 

A table with a colorful puzzle and several chairs

Math department and its cool puzzles | Photo: Ana Studart

4) The Writing Center: This place is the best! Rather I need help with an assignment or  just want a quiet place to study, the writing center is at the top of my study spots. 

Table with many chairs

Mudd’s Writing Center | Photo: Ana Studart

BONUS: Shan’s elevator! To be honest, I didn’t study in Shan’s elevator (at least not yet!). However, it was very remarkable to see some upperclassmen studying in Shan’s elevator during my first week here at Mudd. It is on my Mudd’s to-do list!

Shan’s elevator* | Photo: Ana Studart

*Observation: It’s bigger than it seems!