Raise.me is a free micro-scholarship platform that helps 9-12th grade students prepare for college by earning scholarships for achievements during high school. Over 220 colleges and universities, including Harvey Mudd College, have partnered with Raise.me and offer micro-scholarships for academic achievement and extracurricular involvement.

Who is eligible to earn micro-scholarships from Harvey Mudd College?

Harvey Mudd College’s Raise.me Scholarship is available for prospective first-year applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Our Raise.me Scholarship is not currently offered to international students. Students must also maintain at least a 3.7 unweighted GPA and qualify for free or reduced lunch OR attend school where 80% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Other Raise.me FAQs

Are these real scholarships?

Yes, the micro-scholarships you earn through Raise.me are awarded by Harvey Mudd College upon first-year admission and determination of your financial aid eligibility. Our partnership with Raise.me provides you the platform to earn these scholarships during high school, while also learning about our institution and what we seek from prospective applicants. Raise.me does not award scholarships directly.

Who can use Raise.me?

Current high school students who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Is Raise.me free?

Raise.me is entirely free for high school students. The cost is covered by charitable foundations, other funders, and college partners like Harvey Mudd College, who pay a fee to be represented on Raise.me.

How do I get started?

Create an account, and follow Harvey Mudd College. Start earning micro-scholarships by adding achievements to your portfolio such as courses and grades, extracurricular activities, and leadership positions. Here are some examples:

  • Get an A
  • Maintain a high GPA
  • Take an AP or IB class
  • Participate in an extracurricular activity
  • Score well on the SAT or ACT
  • Visit Campus

Can I earn micro-scholarships for achievements from earlier in high school?

Yes, you may retroactively add achievements to your portfolio from as early as 9th grade. You will earn micro-scholarships for which you qualify as if you started using Raise.me since entering high school. A complete Raise.me portfolio lets you maximize your opportunities for micro-scholarships so be sure to add all of your achievements.

How often should I update my portfolio?

We recommend updating your Raise.me portfolio frequently. Adding achievements to your portfolio will earn you micro-scholarships for which you qualify from Harvey Mudd College and other colleges you follow.

Which courses should I add to my portfolio?

We recommend adding all of your courses from 9-12th grade. Again, a complete portfolio lets you maximize your opportunities for micro-scholarships. Please also note Harvey Mudd College’s specific eligibility requirements, as these will be important should you apply to the College.

How do I receive this scholarship from Harvey Mudd College?

You must follow Harvey Mudd College on Raise.me, be offered first-year admission, and complete a financial aid application to support your financial aid eligibility. Only achievements added to your portfolio by our earning deadline, December 15 of your senior year, will be included in your scholarship.

Can I use the Harvey Mudd College scholarship I earn through Raise.me to pay the cost of attending another college?

No, micro-scholarships you earn specifically for Harvey Mudd College are not transferrable to other colleges. Micro-scholarships are school-specific so be sure to follow all colleges to which you are applying.

How does the Harvey Mudd College scholarship I earn through Raise.me affect my financial aid award?

The dollar sum of Harvey Mudd College micro-scholarships you earn through Raise.me represent a minimum amount of scholarship/grant aid you may receive as part of your financial aid award. Should your financial aid application determine that you qualify for a scholarship/grant aid amount greater than the sum of your micro-scholarships, then your Raise.me scholarship will be included as part of this amount, not added to it.