Meet the Summer Interns!

We are happy to introduce our new Summer Interns, Savanah and Alyssa, to the Admission Team! These two senior Mudders will assist in conducting interviews for Fall 2022 HMC applicants. Keep reading to hear more about these awesome students and hear what they have to say about the college search process.

Savanah Diaz (she/her/hers)

Hometown: Jupiter, FL

Major: Joint Major in Mathematics and Physics

Concentration: Economics

Mudd Activities, also add your hobbies from Pandemic time: I’ve been doing materials science research with Professor Bassman since my sophomore year. My research focuses on a stainless steel substitute and how the addition of aluminum changes the electron density of the structure.

I work for the Math, Chemistry, and Physics departments during the school year as a grader and tutor.

Prior to the pandemic, I volunteered with Science Bus which is a science enrichment program for elementary school students that promotes science as an opportunity in college and beyond. I miss those students a lot and can’t wait to see them again!

During the pandemic I’ve taken up latch hooking which is essentially creating a design out of yarn and once I complete those I make them into pillows! I also have been working on my outdoor butterfly garden since south Florida is a great place to raise monarch butterflies. I also adopted a kitten last November (in my picture) and she will be joining me on campus in the fall!

This summer I am a senior admissions intern and will be conducting interviews with prospective students. If you request an interview, I look forward to our conversation and getting to know you!

Hopes/plans after Mudd: This fall semester I plan on applying to economic graduate programs. My concentration in economics has made me realize that I really enjoy the field and want to pursue a career in it.

What advice would I give to HS seniors: When searching for colleges, be sure to visit as many of the schools as possible! I think making sure you could see yourself as part of the school’s community is so important not just in the social aspect of college, but it can also affect your overall success. In my opinion, making sure you would be able to find “your people” in college is crucial.

Once in college, I highly recommend learning your time management well. A great thing about Mudd is that your first semester is Pass/No Credit, meaning that you will have a whole semester to adjust and learn how best to manage your time. Be sure to make time for your academics, your social life, and yourself. Learning how to balance these three things made my experience at Mudd much more enjoyable.

Finally, make the most of your four years! Try not to stress too much about things like picking your major and what will happen beyond college. Yes the four years pass by pretty fast, but you have plenty of time to think about these things and your college will have the resources you need to help you decide.

Alyssa Okimoto (she/her/hers)

Hometown: Waianae, Hawaii

Major: Joint Chemistry and Biology

Concentration: Art or Psychology

Mudd Activities, also add your hobbies from Pandemic time: Before COVID I did a bit of research with Professor Haushalter in studying DNA repair, specifically the function of DNA glycosylases. Currently I’m part of the Spectrum Yearbook Club, and will do my thesis research with Professor Hur studying metabolism, protein degradation, and aging in fruit flies. Being stuck at home, I’ve started baking a lot more (mainly cookies, but bread too). I also love sudoku, especially the harder variations like the ones that give no numbers.

Hopes/plans after Mudd: I’m not too sure about this yet, but I think I will spend a couple years gaining experience, maybe as a lab technician somewhere, before I go to grad school. I’d also prefer to eventually find a job at home in Hawaii.

What advice would I give to HS seniors: Keep an open mind! You might think you’re completely certain about what you want to study in college, but make sure you think about other classes you enjoy too. Personally, I didn’t think I would enjoy Computer Science much, but the intro CS course in HMC’s Core ended up being one of my favorite courses I’ve taken thus far. I’m still a chem-bio joint major, but I plan on taking more CS courses before I graduate.