[Y HMC?] with Jonathan Lo

For the next edition of [Y HMC?], we are meeting Jonathan Lo, a sophomore at Mudd! He first heard about Mudd through an admissions counselor who knew he was interested in both liberal arts and engineering. Though at first glance he didn’t find the website very intriguing, he had an opportunity to talk to a Mudd student who urged him to visit and learn more. On his campus visit, Jonathan sat in on a special relativity lecture (freshman fall physics), saw the campus, met a lot of people, and made the decision to apply. He was also motivated by the opportunity to take classes in everything he was interested in, from drawing to engineering.

Jonathan sitting at a table in the Hoch

Jonathan at the Hoch! Photo Credit: Jonathan Lo

Now at Mudd, Jonathan is an engineering major with an HSA concentration in film. He’s also very active in different clubs, as the vice president of chocolate society, prank club, and the esport league. To adapt to the virtual world, chocolate society has moved from holding events on campus with free chocolate to offering reimbursements, via google spreadsheet sign ups, to people who buy their own. Just like on campus, when chocolate society events were huge draws that had long lines, the virtual events have been full. This semester, for example, one event offering about seven dollars reimbursement managed to burn 300 dollars in five minutes, moving so quickly that the presidents and vice presidents who organized it didn’t even have time to sign up! Esports has also been busy holding small tournaments and other activities virtually. They’re playing everything from League of Legends to Smash! Prank club has been less busy during the remote semester, but Jonathan remembers fondly the Mudd lab CalTech prank of his freshman fall. A group of Mudders redecorated the lab as “Harvey Mudd College Pasadena Campus.”

A group of Mudd students in front of a sign that says "Harvey Mudd College Pasadena Campus"

The sign at CalTech! Photo Credit: The Student Life

Jonathan’s favorite memory of Mudd so far was the last day in finals week his freshman fall. He spent the morning taking his last final, then the afternoon chatting with his friends about everything from academics to more general reflections on his first semester, and then attended party later that night. He says that the whole day felt like a reflection of his time at Mudd–academic achievement all wrapped up in spending time with friends. To high school students looking at the college admissions process, Jonathan encourages embracing change because college can change the way you think about yourself. He also says to come to Mudd with an open mind, because you can do anything here!