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“Arts at Harvey Mudd College: Goings On,” by Julia Hong

E. Bacon-Gershman ’23 (chemistry), "Tasty Pollen Cookies," 2022, scanning electron microscope and photo editing software. Photo courtesy of the artist.

It is with extreme pleasure and thanks that I announce the 2022–2023 program of Arts at Harvey Mudd College presented by the HMC Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts. The concert series at the Drinkward Recital Hall continues to treat the audience to intriguing music and sounds: Ian Dicke reimagines American folksongs with […]

New Hixon-Riggs Fellow, Kathleen Burns

Succulents in Shanahan Center, Harvey Mudd College

The Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts is delighted to welcome Kathleen Burns, our new Hixon-Riggs Fellow in Science, Technology, and Society. Burns comes to us from the English Department at Duke University, where she recently defended her dissertation, “Vegetal Forms: How Plants Cultivate Life in Literature and Science.” Her research encourages us […]

“R/P FLIP: Spaceship at Sea,” by Rachel Mayeri

FLoating Instrument Platform (FLIP)

Professor of media studies, interdisciplinary artist, Rachel Mayeri here. I’m thrilled to share news about my participation in the Southern California-wide Pacific Standard Time exhibition on art and science, planned by the Getty Foundation for 2024. I’ve been tapped to produce a video installation for the Birch Aquarium in San Diego about a unique technological […]

“Creating ‘Black and Blue,'” by Ken Fandell

Art by Ken Fandell, Black and Blue

In addition to my role as professor of art and the Michael G. and C. Jane Wilson Chair in the Arts and Humanities, I’m an artist who makes photographs, videos, collages, sculptures, sounds, drawings, performances and text-based works. I often start with straightforward objects as subject matter. My approach mines the mundane and the everyday […]

“Changemakers Share Insights with Students,” By Paul Steinberg

How does social impact work? Many people doubt that social change is even possible, but those on the front lines of efforts to make the world a better place know otherwise. In spring 2021, students in my Global Environmental Politics course at Harvey Mudd interviewed renowned changemakers from their hometowns—activists, elected officials, entrepreneurs and others—with […]

“Caliphate is ISIS Fan-Fic,” by Ambereen Dadabhoy

Image credit NYT and Caliphate podcast

As a rule, I don’t pay much attention to explicitly Orientalist media. I get enough of it implicitly, through the back-door, as it were, by virtue of being a living, breathing citizen of the United States of America. Our mainstream, political, and popular culture is full of exoticized, eroticized, dangerous, and damaging portrayals of the […]

“Why Do People Justify Oppressive Systems?” by Anup Gampa

Woman holding head in hands on train

Wealth inequality in the U.S. is at unprecedented levels, and yet we don’t see the kind of resistance to it that one might expect, especially from the ones who are most hurt by it. Every field of social science has its fair share of theories to help understand resistance to oppressive systems, and so does […]