Satisfying the Writing Requirement

A student satisfies the writing requirement by taking at least one course from the list of departmental courses below, or by taking an off-campus course that assigns at least 5,000 words (or at least eighteen pages) of formal graded writing, excluding exams, short response papers, email or online discussion contributions, and in-class writing.

The writing requirement may not be satisfied with a pass/fail course.

To count an off-campus course toward the writing requirement, complete the Request to Satisfy the Writing Requirement With an Off-Campus Course (PDF) form. Bring the completed form to your HSA advisor for approval.

Course NumberTitle
ANTH 111Introduction to the Anthropology of Science
ANTH 115War and Conflict
ANTH 134Rationalities
ART 179MArt and Research
ART 179Art as an Experiment in Living
ART 179PMaking Magazines
ECON 150The Political Economy of Higher Education
GEOG 179AImagining Citizenship Otherwise / Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 179CGeographies Disease/Health Justice / Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 179DCritical Geographies of Community / Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 179EGeographies of Labor / Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 197FGeographies of Education (beginning Fall 2022)
HIST 150Technology and Medicine
HIST 151Science in Fiction
HIST 179Genetics and Race
LIT 035Fiction Writing Workshop
LIT 107Fourteen Poems: An Introduction to Poetry / Special Topics in Literature
LIT 145Third World Women Writers
LIT 147Writers from Africa and the Caribbean
LIT 155Post-Apartheid Narratives
LIT 156Translation, or The Foreignness of Language
LIT 158Zora Neale Hurston (beginning Fall 2022)
LIT 179Jacobean Shakespeare
LIT 179BRenaissance Literature and Culture
LIT 179ACSci-Fi, Horror and Other Tales / Special Topics in Literature
LIT 179ADLatinx Literature (Summer 2021)
LIT 179DMedieval/Renaissance Romance / Special Topics in Literature
LIT 179VForking Paths Fiction Workshop / Special Topics in Literature
MS 120Animal Media Studies
PHIL 122Ethics: Ancient and Modern
PHIL 125Ethical Issues in Science and Engineering
PHIL 179FAI Ethics
PSYC179KRacism, Social Mvmnts, & Soc Psyc
PSYC179THuman Nature and Genocide
POST 188Political Innovation
RLST 112Engaging Religion
RLST 113God, Darwin, and Design
RLST 1142038 Prophecy, Apocalypse
RLST 147World and Transnational Religions
RLST 183Ghosts and the Machines
RLST 184Science and Religion
STS 114Social and Political Issues in Clinic
STS 179Data and Society
Departmental Courses With Significant Writing