The HSA Program

[M]any scientists and engineers are now in positions where their influence is pervasive and dominant….Under these conditions, it obviously becomes a matter of great import that scientists and engineers be equipped to administer with intelligence the power and responsibility that are being forced upon them. This requires that their technical education be strongly reinforced with the philosophical, humanistic, and social disciplines.

—Harvey Mudd College Curriculum Study, 1958

Every Harvey Mudd student takes a minimum of eleven courses in humanities, social sciences, and the arts (HSA), and many choose to take more. Some students even complete a second major in one of the HSA fields. The HSA program requirements are highly flexible, affording students substantial choice in their course selections. Students can elect courses offered by the Harvey Mudd HSA department and at the other undergraduate institutions at The Claremont Colleges. Study abroad is common and easily fits within the HSA program requirements, as does work in music, the visual arts, and other creative endeavors.

The links below will take you to detailed information about the HSA graduation requirements, the courses offered by the Harvey Mudd HSA department, and HSA advising.