HSA Advising

Since the HSA program is integral to the College’s mission and curriculum, each student is assigned an HSA faculty advisor in the Spring of their first year. The HSA advisor becomes the student’s point of contact for making decisions relating to the HSA side of their academic program. Where possible, the faculty member from whom a student takes HSA 010, the department’s core course, becomes the student’s HSA advisor. Each student also has an advisor in their major and a first-year advisor to help them navigate the Harvey Mudd core.

Students work with their HSA advisors during course registration to help plan their course selections and ensure that they are meeting all of the HSA requirements. The HSA advisor is also available to provide guidance regarding a student’s academic goals and opportunities.

Students and their HSA advisors have access to a special “HSA Advising” section of the College’s student information system (the Harvey Mudd “portal”) that is used for planning upcoming HSA course selections and tracking a student’s progress through the HSA program. Students can find a link to their HSA advising record on their “Students” page within the portal.

Information on advisor assignments is available on the portal and from the Office of the Registrar. If a student’s HSA advisor takes a sabbatical or a leave, the registrar’s office assigns a temporary advisor and notifies the student of the change in late June. The temporary advisor has full access to the student’s advising record.