Erika Dyson

Willard W. Keith Jr. Fellow in the Humanities and Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Office Hours

Tuesday 1–3 p.m. (by appointment)

Courses Taught

(Please refer to HSA Departmental Courses for this semester’s courses.)

  • RLST 105 HM Religions in American Culture
  • RLST 112 HM Engaging Religion
  • RLST 113 HM God, Darwin, Design in America
  • RLST 114 HM 2038: Prophecy, Apocalypse
  • RLST 147 HM World Religions and Transnational Religions: American and Global Movements
  • RLST 168 HM Activism, Vocation, Justice
  • RLST 183 HM Ghosts and the Machines