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“Digital Humanities in the Classroom,” by Isabel Balseiro

A screen shot of an HMC student’s digital humanities project on “Black Folklore in West Africa and the American South”

Isabel Balseiro, professor of humanities and comparative literature in the HSA department, describes digital humanities and how this field is impacting her teaching. What is digital humanities, and how have you utilized this within your courses? The digital humanities (DH) integrate computing or digital technologies and traditional disciplines of the humanities, such as history, literature […]

“Bridging Science and Policy,” by Karen Morrison ’08

Karen Morrison '08

Karen Morrison ’08 (chemistry), assistant director at the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, describes her career path and why she wouldn’t change a thing. Could you describe your career path and how it and your interests intertwine? I graduated from Harvey Mudd in 2008 (chemistry) and went from there to grad school to get my […]

“My Life as a Science Writer,” by Catherine Meyers ’06

Catherine Meyers

When the movie Hidden Figures, which tells the story of three African American women working for NASA in the 1960s, debuted about two years ago, I joined a friend one Saturday to watch it on the big screen. During a pivotal scene, one of the women—Katherine Goble Johnson—and a team of white, male engineers are […]

“Love Knows No Borders,” by David K. Seitz

David Seitz, Harvey Mudd College

In December 2018, less than three hours’ drive from Harvey Mudd College, 400 religious leaders were arrested during a demonstration at the U.S.-Mexico border, where San Diego meets Tijuana. Representing numerous faith and spiritual traditions, these activists marched in solidarity with the caravan of migrants from Central America traveling through Mexico and seeking refuge in […]

“Star Trek and Historical Memory,” by Aely Aronoff ’21

image of outer space

Among the most popular shows in American history, Star Trek and its many iterations have left an indelible mark on modern American culture, largely because of the show’s remarkable ability to convey culturally important messages. For my research paper in HSA 10 (the first-year seminar at Harvey Mudd), I explored the ways in which Star […]

“All the World’s a Stage: Building a Mobile Stage Cart for Mudd’s Shakespeare Course,” by Zayra Lobo ’18, Francisco Muñoz ’20 and Laurel Newman ’20

Student project, portable stage

Publicly performing a play is the final project of Harvey Mudd’s annual spring Shakespeare course, one of the College’s most iconic humanities offerings. A major challenge the class faces every year is finding a good location to perform in an effort to bring Shakespeare to as many people as possible. Literature professor Ambereen Dadabhoy dreamed […]

“Context and Understanding Through HSA,” by Casey Gardner ’19

The Forth Rail Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Edinburgh

I’ve always seen humanities, social sciences and the arts (HSA) courses at Harvey Mudd as a way of bringing context and deeper understanding to the technical work that we do. It was never a coincidence to me that the HSA department was physically located between the two floors of the engineering department. In order to […]

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Group of students at Stonehenge.

What do Malcolm X, Mary Shelley and Amadeus Mozart having common? A radical revision of their fields of thought and action? Fluency in the communication of ideas? The letter M? In fact, they are all the focus of conversation and curricular innovation at Harvey Mudd College—an institution with a deep commitment to combining STEM education […]