Javier González Anaya

Javier González Anaya, PhD, is an algebraic geometer specializing in the study of combinatorial structures and finite generation problems within the field of birational geometry. His research extends to areas such as the theory of polytopes and machine learning. He earned his PhD in mathematics at the University of British Columbia, where he wrote his thesis, “Negative curves in blowups of weighted projective planes.” Prior to this, he earned his undergraduate degree in physics and a master’s in mathematics at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Beyond his research contributions, Javier is a dedicated teacher and mentor. Prior to joining HMC, he served as a visiting assistant professor at UC Riverside. During his time there, Javier guided student research projects and taught a wide range of courses, including calculus, linear algebra, and topology. His commitment to academic excellence was recognized with the Outstanding VAP Excellence in Teaching Award during his last two years.

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