Media Studies Courses

MS 179E HM Animated Documentary/Special Topics in Media Studies

Animated Documentary is a media production class using motion graphics techniques to visualize topics ranging from science to politics to dreams. Anmimation has long been a means of depicting abstract, subjective, complex, and invisible processes. Recently, films using motion graphics have exploded on the internet as a form of educational and political communication. Beyond illustration, animated documentaries can create unique visual vocabularies for portraying inner mental states of first person experiences of history. As students are guided in the creation of their own projects, they will read texts, watch films, and critically analyze this vibrant media form.

MS 182 HM Introduction to Video Art

This course is an introduction to video art through history, theory, analysis and production. The goal for this class is for you to produce meaningful, creative, expressive, innovative media for an intelligent and broad audience. In order to achieve this goal you will learn the fundamentals of video production in labs, critiques, and exercises: conceptualizing, planning, shooting, sound recording, editing and analysis. You will also learn – through readings and discussions – about pioneers and contemporary practitioners of video art. This class has a required lab. [Prereq: MS 49, 50, 51 or equivalent.Course fee $150.]