History Courses

HIST128 HM Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in the US

A study of the experiences of different ethnic groups in the U.S. from the colonial period to the present that addresses the meanings of cultural diversity in American history.

HIST150 HM Technology and Medicine

This course explores the increasingly technological nature of medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries, investigating the impact of new technologies on diagnostic practices, categories of disease, doctors’ professional identities and patients’ understanding of their own bodies. Technologies studied include the stethoscope, electrotherapy devices, X-rays, ultrasound and MRI. Writing intensive.

HIST179H HM Communicating Science/Special Topics in History

This course will examine the ways in which science has been written, performed and displayed for non-specialist audiences from the early 19thC to today. Looking at different genres of communication including books, museum exhibits, newspapers, documentaries and science blogs, we will ask how boundaries have been drawn around professional science. What kinds of expectations have been shaped about who gets to be a scientist and about the nature of scientific knowledge? For the final project, students will create a work of popular science in a genre of their choosing.

HIST179I HM The Cold War Era in America/Special Topics in History

The period between 1945 and 1991 saw huge changes in American society, many, but not all of them associated with the protracted military stand-off between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. Anti-communism and the attendant dominance of neo-liberal (free market) economic policies; the rise of the Military Industrial Complex in response to perceived national security demands; new relationships between science, technology and society; The Kennedy “Camelot” years; challenges regarding Civil Rights; the emergence of a “counter culture” in response to the Viet Nam War; the growth of Feminism; and the potentials and anxieties associated with genetic engineering are all features of the period that will be explored in this course.