Economics Courses

ECON053 HM Principles of Macroeconomics

Provides a fundamental understanding of the national economy. Topics include theories of unemployment, growth, inflation, income distribution, consumption, savings, investment and finance markets, and the historical evolution of economic institutions and macroeconomic ideas.

ECON054 HM Principles of Microeconomics

Provides methods of investigating the individual behavior of people, businesses and governments in a market environment. Topics include elementary models of human economic behavior and resource allocation, and the evolution of market institutions and their impact upon society.

ECON136 HM Financial Markets & Modeling

Modern financial strategy seeks to reduce market risk through the use of complex instruments called dirivatives. This course introduces students to the world of futures, options and other derivatives. Topics to be covered include a survey of the markets and mathematical models of risk and volatility. Prerequisite: Economics 104 or equivalent.