Art and Art History Courses

ARHI 179C HM Craft and Technology

In our ever connected and technology-tethered world, where digital and social media are pervasive in the material culture of modern life, the lines between developers of emerging technologies and a diverse population of artists and makers have become increasingly blurred. This course will focus on the historical and theoretical relationship between Craft and Technology. From Ancient Greek potters to the architects of the Jacquard loom to contemporary Linux programmers, we will examine the methodologies and language of craft and centuries of innovative making by what are traditionally referred to as craftsmen. This class will focus on how the implementation of technology through both embodied (or tacit) and cerebral knowledge has shaped the fields of craft and the larger Maker movement. Class is structured for open discussion and debate to compliment weekly readings, slide presentations, and writing assignments, and in some cases, direct interaction with various craft materials.

ART 060  HM Workshop in Hand Press Printing

This workshop introduces students to the basic vocabulary and practices of typesetting, typography, and printing for and on an iron hand press. Work includes a skill-building project and a student-designed semester project.