William Alves

Professor of Music

I am a composer and video artist with interests in many traditional musics around the world, especially that of the Indonesian gamelan; computer music; abstract animation and visual music; and alternate tuning systems. I have composed extensively for traditional ensembles, gamelan, electronic instruments, and mixed media, including abstract computer animation, robot choreography, and virtual reality.  CDs of my audio works include The Terrain of Possibilities, Imbal-Imbalan,  Mystic Canyon and Guitars and Gamelan, a dvd of my video works, Celestial Dance, is published by the Kinetica Video Library.

I have published a biography of composer Lou Harrison with co-author Brett Campbell, and my textbook, Music of the Peoples of the World, is now in its third edition. I have also written for Perspectives of New Music, Computer Music Journal, SEAMUS Journal, 1/1, and elsewhere. I am a co-director of MicroFest, the annual Southern California festival of microtonal music. In 1993–94, I was a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia, where I taught and studied traditional music.

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