Rachel Mayeri

Professor of Media Studies

My courses in humanities, art, and media studies are intended to promote critical thinking and creative expression. In Media and Democracy, we examine how mass media reflect and exert force upon the culture at large. In the Language of Film we analyze the aesthetic, psychological, economic, and ideological aspects of film. In Video Production, students put media theory to work – creating their own critical and creative media messages. These courses may be unique for Mudd students, because they entice them to work with students from other campuses and to communicate across the broader media-culture landscape.

My teaching and artwork situate media at the center of culture and politics and serve as a conduit for personal expression as well. As an artist, I often make videos about the intersection of science and art. Last year, I produced a video entitled Stories from the Genome, which placed contemporary gene science within a history of speculative theories of reproduction. I have distributed my work along with many other videos by artists and scientists as a touring DVD video show and web site entitled Soft Science. The project is another way to elicit conversation and bridge the disciplines of scientists and artists.

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