Satisfying the Writing Requirement

A student satisfies the writing requirement by taking at least one course from the list of departmental courses below, or by taking an off-campus course that assigns at least 5,000 words (or at least eighteen pages) of formal graded writing, excluding exams, short response papers, email or online discussion contributions, and in-class writing.

Compete the Request to Satisfy the Writing Requirement With an Off-Campus Course (PDF) form and have it signed by the course instructor to count an off-campus course toward the writing requirement. Bring the completed form to your HSA advisor for approval.

Departmental Courses With Significant Writing

  • ANTH 111, Introduction to the Anthropology of Science
  • ANTH 115, War and Conflict
  • ECON 150, The Political Economy of Higher Education
  • HIST 131, The Jewish Experience in America
  • HIST 150, Technology and Medicine
  • HIST 179, Technology and U.S. Society
  • HIST 179, Science in Fiction
  • HIST 183, Science and Technology in American Culture
  • LIT 035 Fiction Writing Workshop
  • LIT 145, Third World Women Writers
  • LIT 147,  Writers from Africa and the Caribbean
  • LIT 155,  Post-Apartheid Narratives
  • LIT 179, Jacobean Shakespeare
  • LIT 179B, Renaissance Literature and Culture
  • LIT 179D, Special Topics in Literature: Medieval/Renaissance Romance
  • PHIL 121 Ethical Theory
  • PHIL 122, Ethics: Ancient and Modern
  • PHIL 125, Ethical Issues in Science and Engineering
  • PHIL 130, Political Philosophy
  • POST 188, Political Innovation
  • RLST 113, God, Darwin & Design
  • RLST 114, 2038 Prophecy, Apocalypse
  • RLST 147, World and Transnational Religions
  • RLST 179, God, Darwin, and Design in America
  • RLST 183, Ghosts and the Machines
  • RLST 184, Science and Religion
  • SOC 179B, Sociology through Ethnography
  • STS 114, Social and Political Issues in Clinic
  • STS 179, Engineers, Exact Scientists, and Political Processes: Global Perspectives
  • STS 179, Technical Experts and Political Processes
  • STS179B Water, Culture, Technology
  • STS179E Science and the Senses
  • STS 185, Science and Engineering From an Other POV