Alicia O. Hernandez-Castillo Group Members

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Professor Hernandez-Castillo

Attended the National and Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) for her undergraduate work.
While at the UNAM, she participated in undergraduate research using group theory to determine the
symmetry group of an impenetrable cubic well potential. In the fall of 2014, she moved to the United
States to do her graduate work at Purdue University. There she focused on detection and
characterization of resonance stabilized radicals using broadband rotational spectroscopy. Her love for
the development of new experimental techniques led her to a postdoc at the Fritz Haber Institute of the
Max Planck Society in Berlin, Germany. There she worked on establishing robust experimental schemes
for preparing single enantiomers of chiral molecules in selected rotational states using an array of laser-
based and broadband microwave methods. She is enthusiastic about carrying out research in molecular
spectroscopy and sharing the joys and challenges of scientific research with students. In her free time,
she enjoys traveling, running, terrible puns, and chocolate.

Black and white Border Collie

Commander Hamilton Wrench holder and lab assistant

Hamilton is paws-itively fascinated by the beauty of the relationship between
chemistry and flavor (he loves food!). He spends his days in the lab making
sure things run smoothly and that everyone is having a ball! In his free time,
he enjoys running on trails and swimming in any pond he manages to find.

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