Karl A. Haushalter

Seeley W. Mudd Professor of Chemistry and Biology and Department Chair

B.A.,Rice University
PhD, Harvard University

Double strand breaks or chemically modified bases in DNA arise from exposure to ionizing radiation, environmental toxins, or mistakes during DNA replication. DNA repair enzymes scan the genome and fix DNA damage to maintain genomic integrity.Studying the details of DNA repair provides an entry point into understanding the molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis, aging, and evolution.Students in the Haushalter lab utilize biochemical and genetic approaches to study enzymes in the homologous recombination repair pathway and the base excision repair pathway. In addition to these scientific pursuits, Prof. Haushalter is active in community efforts to combat the stigma associated with HIV-AIDS and support those living with HIV-AIDS through education and empowerment.TheHIV-AIDS: Science, Society, and Serviceclass taught by Prof. Haushalter is an integrative experience, service-learning course that addresses both the science of HIV and the ways that the HIV epidemic has impacted communities.

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