Lelia N. Hawkins Students

Professor Hawkins studied chemistry and environmental systems at UC San Diego from 2000-2005, where she became very interested in atmospheric chemistry. After a thesis project on aerosol and drizzle suppression,Professor Hawkins knew she wanted to continue research into the complex interactions between aerosol particles and atmospheric water.

Her doctoral work was at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography also in San Diego, withProf. Lynn Russell. There her work focused on characterizing the organic components in particulate matter collected from locations as varied as Barrow, AK and the southeastern Pacific Ocean. In 2010, Professor Hawkins graduated and moved all the way to… San Diego.

Her love for chemistry and teaching led her to a postdoctoral position at the University of San Diego withProf. David De Haan. Research in the De Haan lab focused on laboratory simulations of fog and cloud processing, leading to light absorbing carbonaceous compounds.

Research Students

  • Ben Moul ’22
  • Ellie Smith ’22
  • Jake Weber ’22
  • Linden Conrad ’21
  • Christopher Wright ’19 (Pomona College)
  • Sarah Jones ’19 (Pomona College)
  • Jason Casar ’18(co-advised with Prof. Chris Clark, Engineering)
  • Moira Dillion ’17
  • Monica Maldinado(Upward Bound)
  • Rachel Mow ’17
  • RanaukPednekar ’17
  • Elyse Pennington ’17
  • Matt Von Alexander ’17 (Pomona College)
  • Hannah Welsh ’17
  • Kathy Gonzales (Rialto High School ACS SEED)
  • Kaitlin Hansen ’16
  • Madeline Hartley ’16
  • Isabell Lee ’16 (co-advised with Prof. Tanja Srebotnjak, Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design)
  • Michael Lertvilai ’16
  • Benjamin Johnson ’15
  • Stephanie Kong ’15
  • Amanda Lemire ’15
  • Jonpaul Littleton ’15
  • Hannah Allen ’14 (Reed College)
  • Lydia Jahl ’14
  • Katherine Muller ’14
  • Carolina Ramirez (Upward Bound)
  • Scott Rayermann ’13
  • Vincent Shieh ’12