Major Instrumentation

nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer

The Department of Chemistry’s 400 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR) utilizes a superconducting magnet cryostated at 4 Kelvin to probe the structure of organic and organometallic molecules.

SpecificManufacturer and Model
Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceBruker AvanceNEO 400 (400MHz) with z-axis gradient and 2 multinuclear probes
NMReady Table Top NMRNanalysis Corp. NMReady 60Pro
Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer(2) Packard 5973C
Advion Expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS)Advion Inc. Advion Expression CMS
Atomic AbsorptionVarian 220FS
Ultraviolet/VisibleCary 5000, (10) Agilent Cary 60, (2) Hewlett-Packard 8453 Diode Array, (14) Ocean Optics Diode Array
InfraredNicolet iS5, iS10
FluorescenceHORIBA Jobin Yvon FluoroMax, (2) Perkin-Elmer LS50B, Perkin-Elmer LS5
SpecificManufacturer and Model
GasHP 5890, 5880A
High Performance Liquid(2) Beckman System Gold; BioRad BioLogic LP; GE Healthcare AKTA FPLC
IonDionex AS50/GP50/ED450
SpecificManufacturer and Model
Potentiostats/AnalyzersEG&G 264A, 273A, 303A, 263; (2) CH Inst CHI1200B
Capillary ElectrophoresisBeckman-Coulter P/ACE MDQ
SpecificManufacturer and Model
Atomic Force MicroscopeNanoScope III, Dimension 3100
Scanning Electron MicroscopeHitachi SU-70 with scanning tunneling electron microscopy (STEM) and energy-dispersive x-ray analyzer (EDX)
SpecificManufacturer and Model
Single Crystal DiffractometerRigaku XtaLAB mini II
SpecificManufacturer and Model
Differential Scanning CalorimeterTA Instruments DSC 250
MicrostillPerkin-Elmer M131T
Quartz ThermometerHewlett-Packard
SpecificManufacturer and Model
PolarimeterJasco P-1010
Polarizing MicroscopeOlympus BH-2
SpecificManufacturer and Model
Light Scattering PhotometerWyatt Dawn EOS with Optilab Refractive Index Detector
Light Scattering
SpecificManufacturer and Model
Glove Box
Braun UNIlabVacuum Atmospheres HE-193-1
Freeze-DryerFTS Systems
SpecificManufacturer and Model
UltracentrifugeSorvall RC2-B, Beckman J2-HS
SpecificManufacturer and Model
Argon Ion/DyeCoherent Innova 90
Nitrogen/DyePTI, PSI
Helium/NeonSpectra Physics
Optical Parametric OscillatorOpotek Vibrant Tunable Laser System