Robert J. Cave Group Members

Cave Group Members by Historical Period. Note: This list is being assembled over time. If you are missing, it is unintended! Let me know (if you are willing to be associated with the group, that is.)

Lord of the Rings meets Covid-19

Starting with summer 2020, these adventurers used the computing power of Middle Earth (Gandalf, Aragorn, Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, and eventually Arwen and Galadriel) to accomplish an immense amount of exciting science, despite being unable to work on campus during the summer. Could it be that social distancing from Prof. Cave allows more science to get done?

Spoof film poster for Lord of the Rings with superimposed chemistry faculty faces as the characters.
  • Oliver Baldwin (Sam)
  • Chris Couto (Pippin)
  • Austin Froelich (Gandalf)
  • Penny Hernandez (Aragorn)
  • Nathan Luis (Frodo)
  • Nathan Roche (Bilbo)

Modern History

(Multi‐Processor PCs and XSEDE resources. 2010 –2018) Intrepid folks willing to work with a faculty member returning from deaning.

  • Thomas Avila
  • Ryan Brewster
  • Mary Van Vleet
  • Justin Bai
  • Coline Devin
  • Judge Lee
  • Kaitlyn Dwelle
  • Tim Middlemas
  • Marie Kirkegaard
  • Rachael Kretsch
  • Gabe Phun
  • Kareesa Kron
  • Maddi Hartley
  • Robin Bendiak
  • Jim Wu
  • Mikaela Kosich
  • Sara Tweedy

The Dark Ages

(SGI workstations. 2000 – 2009). So named because of deaning, not because of the students involved. The miracle is they got great work done largely without me. Or maybe it’s because I was gone…

  • Megan Hall
  • Jason Lappe
  • Sara Avrantinis
  • Eric Vinson
  • Emily Cukier
  • David Liao
  • Sean Pheasant
  • Jordan Boye
  • Stephen Edwards
  • Elaine Hart
  • Westin Kurlancheek
  • Drew Kouzelos
  • Sara Daniels
  • Seanna Vine

Post-­Classical History

(DEC and IBM Workstations! 1990 – 1999). The beginnings of a group identity!

  • Adrienne Johnson
  • Mike Rust
  • David Maurice
  • Rob Carrillo
  • Meg Hennessy
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Kimberly Espinoza
  • Hans Purkey
  • Matthew Wander
  • Hannah Hong
  • Newt Miller
  • Ian Ono
  • Thomas Henderson
  • Jennifer Weber
  • Mike Perrot
  • Laura Swafford
  • Darcy Kennedy
  • Elly Walsh
  • Crystal Szemenyei


(Started in 1988 –­1989). Before we had our own computers. These folks were gutsy adventurers!

  • Kim Lawler
  • Bob Nigh
  • Mark Anderson
  • Bryan Marten
  • Robert Dickey
  • Kevin Brinck