Spencer D. Brucks

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


A.B., Cornell University
PhD, Columbia University

We are a new research group at the intersection of organic materials and chemical biology. Our focus is on synthetic polymers that are inspired by, and mimic, those found in the natural world. Integrating techniques from organic chemistry, polymer science, and microbiology, we will build materials with potential to illuminate new opportunities in macromolecular science. Currently, we are investigating how polymer stereochemistry influences function and how synthetic materials can positively impact the human microbiome.

In the lab, classroom, and beyond, we celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion. Systemic racism and harmful biases pervade society, and academic research is not immune. Our team strives to break down these barriers, supports members who face them, and acts as effective allies in the broader community. We welcome all who are excited by experimental interdisciplinary science, especially those with identities that have been historically excluded from STEM. Teaching and mentoring always center inclusivity to foster an environment where everyone can succeed. We know that the only way to tackle society’s hardest challenges is to empower the creativity, talent, and backgrounds of all people.

Courses Teaching Fall 2024

Chem 56: Organic Chemistry 1
Chem 58: Organic Chemistry 1 Laboratory

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