Senior Thesis Templates

Report Templates

The thesis midyear and final report must be written using the mathematics department provided LaTeX senior thesis template. In order to compile the thesis report document, both the senior thesis class and bibliography style files are needed.

LaTeX Senior Thesis Class

The senior thesis class source code is available at the thesis class Github page. You will need any one of these files (additional dependencies) to be able to compile the hmcthesis-template.tex file:

These bibliography style files are maintained at the BibTex Github page.

Instructions for compiling hmcthesis-template.tex for the first time.

  1. Change line #36 from \documentclass[department]{hmcthesis} to \documentclass[mathematics]{hmcthesis}
  2. Add one of the above bibliography files to your working directory.
  3. Update line #407 with your new bibliography file name.

Signature Page

The signature page can be compiled by uncommenting line #56 \documentclass[sigpage,department]{hmcthesis} and updating the department name. Here is an example of the signature page with its copyright page.

After you compile the signature page and save the file for printing, undo your changes to return the document to the normal cover page.

Sample Thesis

Here is a PDF of a sample thesis and what the compiled senior thesis will look like. It also contains some good information about LaTeX commands.


If you need help with the LaTeX senior thesis class template, please email Melissa Hernandez-Alvarez at

Poster Templates

The poster templates for senior thesis can be found at the mathematics poster page.