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Senior Thesis Handbook

The Senior Thesis Handbook explains the purpose and format for Mudd’s mathematics senior thesis program.

The Handbook also includes due dates; expectations; guidelines for using LaTeX for writing your thesis; an introduction to computing resources provided by the department for thesis projects; tips on creating and giving good presentations; and much more information that is essential for successfully completing your senior thesis.


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2018-2019 Thesis Students and Project Information
Second Reader
Project Title
Link to Thesis Website
Quentin BarthAndrew BernoffTheresa LynnStability Theory of Lattice Configurations of Swarms
Karina ChoSam NelsonFrancis SuEnhancing the Quandle Coloring Invariant for Knots and Links
Adam DhillonNicholas PippengerMichael OrrisonAn Analog Computing Analogue for Computational Complexity
Conner DiPaoloWeiqing GuNicholas PippengerRandomized Numerical Linear Algebra and its Applications to Machine Learning
Madelyn GaumerMichael OrrisonNeil RhodesUsing Neural Networks to Classify Probability Distributions on Circular Data
Jenny LeeDagan KarpLuis A. LevyaOn Self Regulation in College-Level Mathematics Classes
Ethan SargentAlfonso CastroShuZhi SongRadial Solutions to a Classical Boundary Value Problem with a Semipositone Nonlinearity
Gianna WuLisette de PillisBlerta ShtyllaA Simplified Single Compartment Model for Type 1 Diabetes