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Mason AcevedoOrrisonYongIt's Apples and Oranges - An Exploration of Voting with Partial Orders
Madelyn AndersenLindoOrrisonWhen a Module is a Proper Trace Module: A Study of Functors, Self-Extensions, and Syzygies, Oh My!
Eric ChavezNelsonSuCalculating Knot-Theoretic Involutory Tribrackets
Aitzín Cornejo-ReynosoKarpWilsonTracking in the 2022 California Math Framework
Will GilroyHaddockZinn-BrooksCheck Yourself Before You WREK Yourself: Algorithmic Approaches to the Ranking Problem
Amit HarlevSuOmarMatroids and Sperner's Lemma
Max HollowayMartonosiDesigning a Platform for Cost-Efficient Hedging
Benjamin LangtonOmarOrrisonThe Generalized Covering Radius of Linear Codes
Athena LiYong
Ryan MartinezNelsonCastroKnotoids: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Niebrzydowski Tribracket Complexes
Lian Moralesde PillisDas (co-advisor)Multidimensional Integration of Protein Interactomes with Genomic Data to find Casual Networks Underlying Rheumatoid Arthritis
Fletcher NickersonSuDevadossFolding Hypercubes (and failing)
Phousawanh PeaungvongpakdyZinn-BrooksBernoffAn Adaptive Hegselmann-Krause Model of Opinion Dynamics
Kye ShiPippengerBenjaminYou can solve it...but can you play it?
Solomon Valore-CaplanZinn-Brooksde SilvaA Smoothed Bounded-Confidence Model of Opinion Dynamics


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Senior Thesis Handbook

The Senior Thesis Handbook explains the purpose and format for Mudd’s mathematics senior thesis program.

The Handbook also includes due dates; expectations; guidelines for using LaTeX for writing your thesis; an introduction to computing resources provided by the department for thesis projects; tips on creating and giving good presentations; and much more information that is essential for successfully completing your senior thesis.