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Tomás Aguilar-FragaOmarSuAn Inquiry Into Lorentzian Polynomials
RJ BarnesLindoGoinsTrace Ideals and m-Torsionless R-Modules
Claire ChangHaddockOrrisonFairness and Manipulability in Ranking of Sports
Kausik DasNadimCameronModeling self-diffusiophoretic Janus particles in quiescent fluid
Hannah FriedmanOrrisonKageyLocal Functions on Permutations
David GarciaKimCastroApplying Stochastic Differential Equation Models (to the Stock Market)
Bradley GonmiahJacobsenSeitz (HSA)
Madison T. HobbsCha (ENG)JacobsenInerter-Based Vibration Absorbers for a Harmonically Driven Arbitrarily Supported Beam
Justin JiangGuKimSenior Thesis
Yoni MaltsmanJacobsenWloka (CS)Structurally Aware Image Transformations for Digital Art
Emme McMullenZinn-BrooksPorterMulti-Layer Network Model of Gender Bias and Homophily in Hierarchical Structures
Zooey MeznarichMartonosiProanoProcurement of Multivalent Pediatric Vaccines for Low-Income Countries
Prakod NgamlamaiKageyOrrisonGeneralized Far-Difference Decomposition
Tanis NielsenFukshanskyOrrisonSome Explorations into Well-Rounded Lattices
Kate PerkinsSuPohoata
Ian ShorsOrrisonKaraaliHarmonic Analysis of Permutation Statistics
Maxwell ThumGuZinn-BrooksModeling the Human Head: From Spheres to Meshes to Manifolds
Cedar TurekLindoSuThe Generalized Stokes Theorem


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Senior Thesis Handbook

The Senior Thesis Handbook explains the purpose and format for Mudd’s mathematics senior thesis program.

The Handbook also includes due dates; expectations; guidelines for using LaTeX for writing your thesis; an introduction to computing resources provided by the department for thesis projects; tips on creating and giving good presentations; and much more information that is essential for successfully completing your senior thesis.