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Tomás Aguilar-FragaOmarSuAn Inquiry Into Lorentzian Polynomials
RJ BarnesLindoGoinsTrace Ideals and m-Torsionless R-Modules
Claire ChangHaddockOrrisonFairness and Manipulability in Ranking of Sports
Kausik DasNadimCameronModeling self-diffusiophoretic Janus particles in quiescent fluid
Hannah FriedmanOrrisonKageyLong Increasing Subsequences in Permutations
David GarciaKimCastroApplying Stochastic Differential Equation Models (to the Stock Market)
Bradley GonmiahJacobsenSeitz (HSA)Constraints on Math and Physics Teachers
Madison T. HobbsCha (ENG)JacobsenInerter-Based Vibration Absorbers for a Harmonically Driven Arbitrarily Supported Beam
Justin JiangGuKimSenior Thesis
Yoni MaltsmanJacobsenWloka (CS)Structurally Aware Image Transformations for Digital Art
Emme McMullenZinn-BrooksPorterMulti-Layer Network Model of Gender Bias and Homophily in Hierarchical Structures
Zooey MeznarichMartonosiProanoProcurement of Multivalent Pediatric Vaccines for Low-Income Countries
Prakod NgamlamaiKageyOrrisonGeneralized Far-Difference Decomposition
Tanis NielsenFukshanskyOrrisonSome Explorations into Well-Rounded Lattices
Kate PerkinsSuPohoata
Ian ShorsOrrisonKaraaliHarmonic Analysis of Permutation Statistics
Maxwell ThumGuZinn-BrooksModeling the Human Head: From Spheres to Meshes to Manifolds
Cedar TurekLindoSuThe Generalized Stokes Theorem


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Senior Thesis Handbook

The Senior Thesis Handbook explains the purpose and format for Mudd’s mathematics senior thesis program.

The Handbook also includes due dates; expectations; guidelines for using LaTeX for writing your thesis; an introduction to computing resources provided by the department for thesis projects; tips on creating and giving good presentations; and much more information that is essential for successfully completing your senior thesis.