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Each year below contains a list of students who took Math 197 in that year and their corresponding thesis information. Full theses and abstracts are available from Scholarship@Claremont.

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Second Reader
Project Title
Mason AcevedoMichael OrrisonDarryl YongAn Exploration of Voting with Partial Orders
Madelyn AndersenHaydee LindoMichael OrrisonWhat is a Trace Module? A Short Peek into Ring Theory
Eric ChavezSam NelsonFrancis SuTrivial Quotients of Fundamental Tribrackets and Link Homotopy
Aitzín Cornejo-ReynosoDagan KarpRobin WilsonTracking in the 2022 Revision of the California Math Framework
William GilroyJamie HaddockHeather Zinn-BrooksCheck Yourself Before You WREK Yourself: Unpacking and Generalizing Random Extended Kaczmarz
Amit HarlevFrancis SuMohamed OmarOn the Polytopal Generalization of Sperner's Lemma
Max HollowaySusan MartonosiYaron RavivMechanisms for the Efficient Hedging of Public Information Events
Benjamin LangtonMohamed OmarMichael OrrisonResults on the Generalized Covering Radius of Error Correcting Codes
Athena LiDarryl YongIlana HornAcoustic Localization in the Classroom: A Mathematician's Journey into the World of Engineering
Ryan MartinezSam NelsonAlfonso CastroAlgebraic Invariants of Knot Diagrams on Surfaces
Lian MoralesLisette de PillisJishnu DasDiscovering Underlying Molecular Networks between two Different Rheumatoid Arthritis Endotypes
Fletcher NickersonFrancis SuSatyan DevadossFolding Hypercubes (and failing)
Phousawanh PeaungvongpakdyHeather Zinn-BrooksAndrew BernoffAn Adaptive Hegselmann-Krause Model of Opinion Dynamics
Kye ShiNicholas PippengerArthur BenjaminGames for One, Games for Two: Computationally Complex Fun for Polynomial-Hierarchical Families
Solomon Valore-CaplanHeather Zinn-BrooksVin de SilvaSmoothed Bounded-Confidence Opinion Dynamics on the Complete Graph


Second Reader
Project Title
Aria BeaupreMohamed OmarDavid MilanOn the Inverse Hull of a One-sided Shift of Finite Type
Zoe BellNicholas PippengerRan Libeskind-HadasGoing Meta on the Minimum Circuit Size Problem: How Hard Is It
to Show How Hard Showing Hardness Is?
Ellie ByrnesJon JacobsenJasper WeinburdFractals, Fractional Derivatives, and Newton-Like Methods
Max Chao-HaftFrancis SuDagan KarpDiscrete Vector Fields on Polytopal Complexes
Natasha CrepeauDagan KarpOn the Tropicalization of Lines onto Tropical Quadrics
Elisha DayagNicholas PippengerJasper WeinburdAn Exploration of Gaussian Resampling
Daniela ElizondoArthur BenjaminHaydee LindoCounting on the Hosoya Triangle
Matthew LeMayMohamed OmarNicholas PippengerThe Complexity of Symmetry
John LentferArthur BenjaminFrancis SuTiling Representations of Zeckendorf Decompositions
Feiyang LinGregg MusikerDagan KarpOn Rank-Two and Affine Cluster Algebras
Kailee LinFrancis SuArthur BenjaminExploring Winning Strategies for the Game of Cycles
Jawahar MadanDagan KarpRenzo CavalieriTowards Tropical Psi Classes
Thomas MartinezMohamed OmarArthur BenjaminThe Slice Rank Polynomial Method
Lake TrujilloVin de SilvaDagan KarpA Coherent Proof of Mac Lane's Coherence Theorem
Miguel VelezAndrew BernoffJasper WeinburdModelling the Transition from Homogeneous to Columnar States in Locust Hopper Bands
Young ZhangDagan KarpJordan KostiukGeneralize the Chip-Firing Process of Graphs for Adinkras


Second Reader
Project Title
Savana AmmonsFrancis SuDagan KarpA Discrete Analogue for the Poincaré-Hopf Theorem
Havi EllersMichael OrrisonHadi SalmasianOn the Mysteries of Interpolation Jack Polynomials
Lily FriedbergDagan KarpDarryl YongReflections on Critical Math Education in the College Classroom: Critical Pedagogy and Modular Approaches
Hanna HoffmanDagan KarpHannah MarkwigPascal's Mystic Hexagon in Tropical Geometry
Forest KobayashiFrancis SuSam NelsonWhere the Wild Knots Are
Hannah LarsonAndrew BernoffJasper WeinburdAgent-Based Modeling of Locust Foraging and Social Behavior
Cassidy LeLisette de PillisBlerta ShtyllaUse of Kalman Filtering in State and Parameter Estimation of Diabetes Models
Nick RichardsonNicholas PippengerMichael OrrisonComposing Probabilistic Graphical Models with Adaptive Basis Methods
Marcelo Almora RiosAlfonso CastroJon JacobsenRadial Singular Solutions to Semilinear Partial Differential Equations
Mengyi ShanWeiqing GuNicholas PippengerGeometric Unified Method in 3D Object Classification
Ricky ShapleyArthur BenjaminCurtis BennettAn Exploration of Combinatorial Interpretations for Fibonomial Coefficients


Second Reader
Project Title
Quentin BarthAndrew BernoffTheresa LynnStability Theory of Lattice Configurations of Swarms
Karina ChoSam NelsonFrancis SuEnhancing the Quandle Coloring Invariant for Knots and Links
Adam DhillonNicholas PippengerMichael OrrisonAn Analog Computing Analogue for Computational Complexity
Conner DiPaoloWeiqing GuNicholas PippengerRandomized Numerical Linear Algebra and its Applications to Machine Learning
Madelyn GaumerMichael OrrisonNeil RhodesUsing Neural Networks to Classify Probability Distributions on Circular Data
Jenny LeeDagan KarpLuis A. LevyaOn Self Regulation in College-Level Mathematics Classes
Ethan SargentAlfonso CastroShuZhi SongRadial Solutions to Semipositone Dirichlet Problems
Gianna WuLisette de PillisBlerta ShtyllaA Simplified Single Compartment Model for Type 1 Diabetes


Second Reader
Project Title
Lucius E.J. BynumSusan E. MartonosiMichael E. OrrisonFrom Partially Ranked Data to Fully Ranked Decisions: Prescriptive Analytics for Professional Basketball Data
Marissa A. GeeLisette de PillisRachel LevyModeling the Onset and Treatment of Type-1 Diabetes in the Human Pancreas
Alex GoldsteinMichael E. OrrisonChris Clark (Engineering)Game Theory and the Symmetric Group
Christopher R. HoytDagan KarpMohamed OmarOn The Landscape Of Random Tropical Curves
Hamzah I KhanSusan E. MartonosiJim Boerkoel (CS)A Metric for Measuring the Quantity of Synchronization Tasks in Simple Temporal Networks
Bryce McLaughlinMohamed OmarDagan KarpApplying the Polynomial Method to Problem in Discrete Geometry
Joshua A. MillerNicholas J. PippengerSusan E. MartonosiSequential Probing with a Random Start
Matthew SimonWeiqing GuMohamed OmarTBA
Xinrui YanWeiqing GuVatche Sahakian (Physics)Mathematics of Emergent Gravity Based on Quantum Entanglement


Second Reader
Aaron R. BagheriDagan KarpMendez-Diez, Stefan (Bard College)Classifying the Jacobian Groups of Adinkras
Dylan BakerTalithia WilliamsTanya SrebotnjakThe Document Similarity Network: A Novel Technique for Visualizing Relationships in Text Corpora
Kathryn DoverWeiqing GuDagan KarpPattern Recognition in Stock Data
Magda HlavacekDagan KarpMeldoy Chan (Brown University)Random Tropical Curves
Nathaniel LeslieTheresa W. Lynn (physics)Francis E. SuMaximal LELM Distinguishability of Qubit and Qutrit Bell States Using Projective and Non-Projective Measurements
Calvin LeungJason Gallicchio (physics)Andrew J. BernoffQuantum Foundations with Astronomical Photons
Shiyue LiDagan KarpDhruv Ranganathan (Yale University)Tropical Derivation of Cohomology Ring in Heavy/Light Hassett Spaces
Caitlin LienkaemperMohamed OmarDagan KarpToric Ideals, Polytopes, and Convex Neural Codes
Sam Kim MillerMohamed OmarNicholas J. PippengerCombinatorial Polynomial Hirsch Conjecture
Connie OkasakiJon JacobsenJulie Blackwood (Williams College)Slowing the Evolution and Outbreak of Antibiotic Resistance
Micah G. PedrickMichael E. OrrisonNicholas J. PippengerComplexity of Linear Summary Statistics
Dan SchmidtAndrew J. BernoffAlan E. Lindsay (University of Notre Dame)Kinetic Monte Carlo Methods for Computing First Capture Time Distributions in Models of Diffusive Absorption
Ian R.W. SchweickartWeiqing GuAmanda R. Ganguly (Claremont McKenna College)Investigating Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift Using Principal Component Analysis and Association Rule Mining
Dina SinclairSusan E. MartonosiBanafsheh Behzad (CSU—Long Beach)Incorporating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention into Vaccine Pricing Models
Natchanon SuaysomArthur T. BenjaminPuck Rombach (UCLA)Iterative Matrix Factorization Method for Social Media Data Location Prediction
Zöe TuckerMichael E. OrrisonBill Alves (HSA)Emergence and Complexity in Music
Kira A. WyldFrancis Edward SuKenji KozaiSudoku Variations on the Torus
Bo ZhangWeiqing GuNicholas J. PippengerMachine Learning on Statistical Manifold
Jialun ZhangAndrew J. BernoffChad Topaz (Macalester College)Dynamics and Clustering in Locust Hopper Bands


Second Reader
Kennedy AgwambaJon JacobsenRachel LevyAn Interactive Tool for the Computational Exploration of Integrodifference Population Models
Robert BennettArthur T. BenjaminNicholas J. PippengerFibonomial Tilings and Other Up-Down Tilings
Casey ChuWeiqing GuDagan KarpThe Geometry of Data: Distance on Data Manifolds
Matthew DannenbergWeiqing GuSatyan L. Devadoss (Williams College)Pattern Recognition in High-Dimensional Data
Alec DuntonAndrew J. BernoffChad M. Topaz (Macalester College)Topological Data Analysis for Systems of Coupled Oscillators
Mitchell Horning (Fall, 2016)Nicholas J. PippengerRan Libeskind-Hadas (CS)The MINCUT Linear Arrangement Problem
Margaux HujoelLisette G. de PillisMatina Donaldson-Matasci (Biology)Assessment of Treatment and Screening Procedures for Chlamydia trachomatis Infections in a College Setting (held until 2017)
R. Amzi JeffsMohamed OmarNora YoungsConvexity of Neural Codes
Ryan JonesAndrew J. BernoffChad M. Topaz (Macalester College)Hopper Bands: Locust Aggregation
Cheng Wai KooMohamed OmarNicholas J. PippengerA Bound on the Number of Spanning Trees in Bipartite Graphs
Bo LiAlfonso CastroIvan VenturaSteady State Solutions for a System of Partial Differential Equations Arising from Crime Modeling
Matthew LinDagan KarpSatyan L. Devadoss (Williams College)Graph Cohomology
Joana PerdomoLisette G. de PillisDarryl H. YongMathematical Modeling of Blood Coagulation (held until 2017)
John PhillpotRan Libeskind-Hadas (CS)Nicholas J. PippengerLine-of-Sight Pursuit and Evasion Games on Polytopes in $\mathbb{R}^n$
Weerapat PittayakanchitAndrew J. BernoffChad M. Topaz (Macalester College)The Global Stability of the Solution to the Morse Potential in a Catastrophic Regime
Victor ShangTheresa W. Lynn (Physics)Andrew J. BernoffComputational Progress towards Maximum Distinguishability of Bell States by Linear Evolution and Local Measurement
Patrick TierneySatyan L. Devadoss (Williams College)Dagan KarpRealizing the 2-Associahedron
Madeleine WeinsteinDagan KarpCharles Doran (University of Alberta)Adinkras and Arithmetical Graphs
Matthew WilberEliot C. Bush (Biology)Darryl H. YongBuilding a History of Horizontal Gene Transfer in E. Coli
Joyce YangNicholas J. PippengerArthur T. BenjaminInterval Graphs


Second Reader
Andrew BrockmannTalithia WilliamsArthur T. BenjaminA Plausibly Deniable Encryption Scheme for Personal Data Storage
Elizabeth KelleySuTBA(not available)
Matthew LamNicholas J. PippengerMichael OrrisonA Combinatorial Exploration of Elliptic Curves
Jazmin OrtizMohamed OmarMichael OrrisonChromatic Polynomials, Orbital Chromatic Polynomials, and Their Roots
Eric StuckyArthur T. BenjaminMaria KlaweAn Exposition of Kastalyan's Solution of the Dimer Model
Ksenia V ZakirovaAndrew J. BernoffRobert ThompsonPerturbation Dynamics on Moving Chains


Second Reader
Allison F. Arnold-RoksandichChristopher TowseMichael E. OrrisonThere and Back Again: Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms, and L-Functions
Sorathan ChaturapruekWeiqing GuZachary DoddsA Mathematical Framework for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Obstacle Avoidance
Emily M. FischerAlfonso CastroWeiqing GuInfinitely Many Rotationally Symmetric Solutions to a Class of Semilinear Laplace-Beltrami Equations on the Unit Sphere
Samuel C. GutekunstSusan E. MartonosiMohamed OmarCharacterizing Forced Communication in Networks
Shreyas KumarRachel LevyDarryl YongSimulations of Surfactant Driven Thin Film Flow
David Alan Lingenbrink, Jr.Michael E. OrrisonMohamed OmarA New Subgroup Chain for the Finite Affine Group
Matthew McDermottMichael E. OrrisonMohamed OmarFast Algorithms for Analyzing Partially Ranked Data
Peter MegsonRachel LevyJon JacobsenExperiments on Surfactants and Thin Fluid Films
Alexa SerratoNicholas J. PippengerMohamed OmarReed's Conjecture and Cycle-Power Graphs
Tongjia ShiNicholas PippengerMichael E. OrrisonCycle Lengths of $\theta$-Biased Random Permutations
Carling SugarmanJon JacobsenMichael E. OrrisonUsing Topology to Explore Mathematics Education Reform
Jeremy UsatineDagan KarpMelody ChanArithmetical Graphs, Riemann-Roch Structure for Lattices, and the Frobenius Number Problem


Second Reader
Connor AhlbachFrancis Edward SuMichael E. OrrisonA Discrete Approach to the Poincar�-Miranda Theorem
Olivia BeckwithDagan KarpDusty RossOn Toric Symmetry of $\mathbb{P}^1 \times \mathbb{P}^2$
Rosalie J. CarlsonFrancis Edward SuMichael E. OrrisonVoter Compatibility In Interval Societies
Michael ErnestNicholas PippengerFrancis Edward SuExtortion and Evolution in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
Peter FedakWeiqing GuTBA
J. Zachary GaslowitzDagan KarpDustin CartwrightChip Firing Games and Riemann-Roch Properties for Directed Graphs
Taylor McAdamJon JacobsenAlfonso CastroAnalysis of Time-Dependent Integrodifference Population Models
Kevin O'NeillDagan KarpAngelica CuetoLines in Tropical Quadrics
John PeeblesNicholas PippengerMichael E. OrrisonHypergraph Capacity with Applications to Matrix Multiplication
Nathan PinskyWeiqing GuDarryl H. YongMathematical Knowledge for Teaching and Visualizing Differential Geometry
Elizabeth SarapataLisette G. de PillisAmi RadunskayaA Comparison and Catalog of Intrinsic Tumor Growth Models
Ryan TakahashiMichael E. OrrisonNicholas PippengerStructured Matrices and the Algebra of Displacement Operators


Second Reader
Craig BurkhartFrancis Edward SuAnn N. Trenk (Wellesley)Approval Voting Theory with Multiple Levels of Approval
Trevor CaldwellAlfonso CastroJon T. JacobsenNonlinear Wave Equations and Solitary Wave Solutions in Mathematical Physics
John ChoiNicholas PippengerArthur T. BenjaminCounting Vertices in Isohedral Tilings
Harris EnnissAlfonso CastroJon T. JacobsenA Refined Saddle Point Theorem and Applications
Patrick EschenfeldtFrancis Edward SuNicholas PippengerApproval Voting in Box Societies
August GuangFrancis Edward SuStephen E. AdolphSwitching Between Cooperation and Competition in Social Selection
Katie HawleyNicholas PippengerArthur T. BenjaminA Survey on Random Topological Surfaces (not available)
Curtis HeberleArthur T. BenjaminKimberly KindredA Combinatorial Approach to $r$-Fibonacci Numbers
Jennifer IglesiasRan Libeskind-Hadas (CS)Nicholas PippengerSearching Stars for a Moving Hider
Kym LouieArthur T. Benjamin, Art Horowitz (Pomona)Tom Leabhart (Pomona)Flatterland: The Play
Palmer MebaneMichael OrrisonNicholas PippengerUniquely Solvable Puzzles and Fast Matrix Multiplication
Jack NewhouseMatthew DavisMichael OrrisonExplorations of the Aldous Order on Representations of the Symmetric Group
Alice PaulSusan E. MartonosiNicholas PippengerDetecting Covert Members of Terrorist Networks
Aaron PribadiMichael OrrisonWeiqing GuAlgebraic Methods for Log-Linear Models
Dhruv RanganathanDagan KarpDavesh Maulik (MIT)Gromov-Witten Theory of Blowups of Toric Threefolds
Louis RyanAndrew J. BernoffChad M. TopazAnalysis of Swarm Behavior in Two Dimensions
Maia ValcarceRachel LevyDarryl YongRussian Mathematical Pedagogy in Reasoning Mind


Second Reader
Kate M. BurgersJon JacobsenRachel LevyFinding the Beat in Music: Using Adaptive Oscillators
Georgi DinolovRachel LevyDagan KarpSwarm Control Through Symmetry and Distribution Characterization
Ann JohnstonMichael OrrisonMatt DavisMarkov Bases for Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis of Partially Ranked Data
Max B. KutlerDagan KarpEric Katz (UT-Austin)Group Actions and Divisors on Tropical Curves
Sarah LoebKimberly KindredSusan MartonosiExtending List Colorings of Planar Graphs
Kyle LuhNicholas PippengerFrancis SuMartingale Couplings and Bounds on Tails of Probability Distributions
Chandler MaySusan MartonosiKimberly KindredVerification of Solutions to the Sensor Location Problem
Allison M. ParkDarryl YongStacy Brown (Pitzer)Comparing the Cognitive Demand of Traditional and Reform Algebra 1 Textbooks
Austin QuanJohn Milton (Scripps)Darryl YongNoise, Delays, and Resonance in a Neural Network
Elizabeth (Lizard) ReilandArthur BenjaminKimberly KindredCombinatorial Interpretations of Fibonomial Identities
Andrew S. RonanAndrew BernoffChad M. Topaz (Macalester College)Analytic and Numerical Studies of a Simple Model of Attractive-Repulsive Swarms
Jacob N. ScottFrancis SuNicholas PippengerApproval Ratios of Two-Intersecting Double-Interval Societies (held until 2012)
Dmitri SkjorshammerUrsula WhitcherDagan KarpTops in Higher Dimensions (held until 2012)
Donald Lee Wiyninger IIINicholas PippengerMichael OrrisonContinued Fractions: A New Form
Jeffrey WongRachel LevyAndrew BernoffSimulations of Surfactant Spreading


Second Reader
Richard Strong BowenNicholas PippengerRan Liebeskind-Hadas (CS)Minimal Circuits for Very Incompletely Specified Boolean Functions
Bo ChenArthur BenjaminKimberly TuckerCombinatorial Proofs Using Complex Weights
Rachel Cranfill (Fall, 2009)Michael OrrisonKeri Kornelson (U. Oklahoma)Group Frames and Rank Data
Alyssa W. DrayTalithia WilliamsJohanna Hardin (Pomona), Susan Lewallen (Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology)A Multistage Incidence Estimation Model for Diseases with Differential Mortality
Jacob FeldmanSusan MartonosiJohn M. BossertOptimizing Restaurant Reservation Scheduling
Ivan HernandezRachel LevyStacy Brown (Pitzer)Algebraic Reasoning in Elementary School Students
Kwang B. KetchamDagan KarpMichael OrrisonGroup Frames and Partially Ranked Data
Stephen C. LeeMichael OrrisonAnna Bargagliotti (U. Memphis)Understanding Voting for Committees Using Wreath Products
Ross C. MerriamNicholas PippengerChristopher Towse (Scripps)Arithmetic on Specializable Continued Fractions
Yaniv J. OvadiaSusan MartonosiNicholas PippengerComputational Feasibility of Increasing the Visibility of Vertices in Covert Networks
Hannah P. SavageLisette de PillisAmi Radunskaya (Pomona)A Nonlinear ODE Model of Tumor Growth and Effect of Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy Treatment in Colorectal Cancer


Second Reader
Nadia AbuelezamLisette de PillisKarl HaushalterMathematical AIDS Epidemic Model: Preferential Anti-Retroviral Therapy Distribution in Resource Constrained Countries
Natalie DurginFrancis SuDavid Perkinson (Reed College)Abelian Sandpile Model on Symmetric Graphs
Sarah FletcherFrancis SuKimberly TuckerExploring Agreeability in Tree Societies
Ben FogelsonLisette de PillisRachel LevyMathematical Model of the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Microenvironment
Andrew HunterNicholas PippengerRan Liebeskind-HadasLocality and Complexity in Path Search
Hendrik OremMichael OrrisonNicholas PippengerFast Matrix Multiplication via Group Actions
Ben PreskillAlfonso CastroAdolfo Rumbos (Pomona College)Existence of Continuous Solutions to a Semilinear Wave Equation
Ted SpaideMichael OrrisonNicholas PippengerBranching Diagrams for Group Inclusions Induced by Field Inclusions


Second Reader
Kevin FlemingNicholas PippengerFrancis Edward SuBoundary Cycles in Random Triangulated Surfaces
Sara GussinJon T. JacobsenDarryl YongWavelets and Wavelet Sets
Kenji KozaiDavid BachmanFrancis Edward SuIntrinsic Linking and Knotting of Graphs
Andrew LeverentzAndrew J. BernoffChad M. TopazAn Integrodifferential Equation Modeling 1-D Swarming Behavior
Greg MintonKimberly TuckerMichael OrrisonDot Product Representations of Graphs
David R. MorrisonSusan E. MartonosiKimberly TuckerCharacteristics of Optimal Solutions to the Sensor Location Problem
Sean PlottArthur T. BenjaminKimberly TuckerFunctions of the Binomial Coefficient
Brian RiceNicholas PippengerChristopher TowseRigid Divisibility Sequences Generated by Polynomial Iteration
Douglas RizzoloJon T. JacobsenFrancis Edward SuApproximating Solutions to Differential Equations via Fixed Point Theory
Parousia RockstrohFrancis Edward SuSanjai GuptaProperties of the Golomb Topology and Fibonacci Cycles under Integer Moduli
Mutiara SondjajaFrancis Edward SuJon T. JacobsenSperner's Lemma Implies Kakutani's Fixed Point Theorem
George TuckerAndrew J. BernoffElizabeth MannFormation of Labyrinth Patterns in Langmuir Films
Jason WineripNicholas PippengerMichael OrrisonGraph Linear Complexity


Second Reader
Jonathan AzoseArthur T. BenjaminKristina Garrett (St. Olaf)Applications of the q-Binomial Coefficients to Counting Problems
Kazh D. BritoAndrew J. BernoffShenda BakerHole Closure in Langmuir Fluid Monolayers
Victor H. CamachoDarryl YongJon T. JacobsenAnalyzing Traveling Waves in a Viscoelastic Generalization of Burgers' Equation
Michael W. HansenFrancis Edward SuMichael OrrisonAlgebra and Phylogenetic Trees
Andrea HealdGhassan Sarkis (Pomona)Michael OrrisonUnderstanding Counterexamples to Lubin's Conjecture
Nicholas Herman (Fall, 2006)Darryl YongMaria KlaweInvestigating the Use of Brainfingers in Children with Cerebral Palsy for Spatial-Motor Education
Alexander IzsakNicholas PippengerRan Libeskind-Hadas (CS)Special Cases of Carry Propagation
Marie JamesonMichael OrrisonNathan Ryan (UCLA)Voting Paradoxes Caused by Dropping Candidates in an Election
Masanori KoyamaMichael OrrisonNathan Ryan (UCLA)A Decimation-in-Frequency Fast-Fourier Transform for the Symmetric Group
James R. MooreJon T. JacobsenLisette de PillisAn ODE Model of Biochemotherapy Treatment for Cancer
Eugene Lee QuanSusan E. MartonosiFrancis Edward SuEffective Cost Allocation for Deterrence of Terrorists
Chee Meng TanAlfonso CastroJon T. JacobsenInfinitely Many Radial Solutions to a Superlinear Dirichlet Problem
Ivan VenturaAlfonso CastroJon T. JacobsenRadial Solutions to an Elliptic Boundary Valued Problem
Daniel WaltonArthur T. BenjaminSanjai GuptaA Tiling Approach to Chebyshev Polynomials


Second Reader
Robin Baur (Fall, 2005)Andrew J. BernoffJon T. JacobsenAn Investigation of Rupture in Thin Fluid Films
Deborah Berg (Fall, 2005)Francis Edward SuMichael OrrisonConnections Between Voting Theory and Graph Theory
Tristan BrandMichael OrrisonGhassan Sarkis (Pomona)A Fast Fourier Transform for the Symmetric Group
Alexander EustisArthur T. BenjaminSanjai Gupta (Scripps)The Negs and Regs of Continued Fractions
Julijana GjorgjievaJon T. JacobsenPablo Padilla (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)Turing Pattern Dynamics for Spatiotemporal Models with Growth and Curvature
John HearnRan Libeskind-HadasMichael OrrisonKolmogorov Complexity of Graphs
Joesph MajkutAndrew J. BernoffChad M. Topaz (UCLA)Foraging Fruit Flies: Lagrangian and Eulerian Descriptions of Insect Swarming
Kenneth MaplesWeiqing GuAnthony Bright (Eng.)Optimal Control of a Building During an Earthquake
Jessica MayJim HosteFrancis Edward SuMatrix Representation of Knot and Link Groups
Stephanie Moyerman (Math/Physics)Jim Eckert (Physics)Andrew J. BernoffMagnetoresistance and Neutron Scattering of Ultrathin Films
Tracy PowellLesley WardEstelle Basor (CalPoly-SLO)The Singular Values of the Exponientiated Adjacency Matrixes of Broom-Tree Graphs
Nikolas RauhFrancis Edward SuMichael OrrisonAn Exploration in Subtropical Algebra
Tyler SeacrestWeiqing GuDarryl YongMathematical Models of Image Processing
Elan SegarraMichael RaughDarryl YongAn Exploration of Riemann's Zeta Function and Its Application to the Theory of Prime Distribution
Simon StumpJon T. JacobsenAlfonso CastroSuccession, Invasion, & Coexistence: PDEs in Ecology


Second Reader
Ruben ArenasWeiqing GuVatche SahakianConstructing a Matrix Representation of the Lie Group G2
Steven Avery (Math/Physics)Vatche Sahakian (Physics)Weiqing GuNoncommutative Geometry
Tim CarnesRan Libeskind-Hadas (CS)Francis Edward SuPermutation Routing in the Hypercube and Grid Topologies
Zajj DaughertyMichael OrrisonJ.Alongi (Pomona College)An Algebraic Approach to Voting Theory
Jeff JaureguiWeiqing GuJon T. JacobsenSolving for Volume-Minimizing Cycles in G2-Manifolds
Akemi KashiwadaFrancis Edward SuSteve AdolphConstructing Phylogenetic Trees from Subsplits
Owen LewisJon T. JacobsenLesley WardGeneralized Julia Sets: An Extension of Cayley's Problem
Eric MalmMichael OrrisonWeiqing GuDecimation-in-Frequency Fast Fourier Transforms for the Symmetric Group
Jason MurckoHenry KriegerLesley WardCesaro Limits of Analytically Perturbed Stochastic Matrices
Gwen SpencerFrancis Edward SuAlfonso CastroCombinatorial Consequences of Relatives of the Lusternik-Schnirelmann-Borsuk Theorem
Kathe Todd-Brown (Fall, 2004)Lisette de PillisWeiqing Gu-
Carl YergerFrancis Edward SuAnant Godbole (Eastern Tennesee State University)Extensions of Graph Pebbling


Second Reader
Melissa BanisterMichael OrrisonWeiqing GuSeparating Sets for Finite Groups
Ariel Barton (Fall 2003)Lesley WardHenry KriegerConvergence of Planar Domains and of Harmonic Measure Distribution Functions
William ChangMichael OrrisonWeiqing GuRepresentation Theoretical Methods in Image Processing
Grant CliffordJon JacobsenMichael OrrisonRepresentation Theoretical Approach to n-Candidate Voting
Robert GaeblerJames Hoste (Pitzer)Weiqing GuAlexander Polynomials of Tunnel Number One Knots
David GaeblerHenry KriegerMichael RaughToeplitz Operators on Locally Compact Abelian Groups
Eric HarleyLisette de PillisJon JacobsenModeling Cancer Cell Response to Immunotherapy
Matthew Holden (Pomona)Weiqing GuSandy Grabiner (Pomona)Volume Minimizing Cycles in G2-manifolds
Jessica NelsonLisette de PillisArthur BenjaminEigenvalue Etch-A-Sketch


Second Reader
Dan BeutelAndrew BernoffThomas Donnelly (Physics)Modelling Advection and Diffusion in Microchannels
Adam BlissFrancis SuHenry KriegerCovering Numbers of the Cubes
Benjamin BryantAndrew BernoffAnnette HosoiModeling Moving Droplets: A Precursor Film Approach
Melissa ChaseRan Libeskind-Hadas (CS)Arthur BenjaminShortest Path Problems: Multiple Paths in a Stochastic Graph
David Clarke (Physics)John Townsend (Physics)Weiqing GuThe Kapitza–Dirac Effect: An Approach from QED
John CloutierFrancis SuLesley WardA Combinatorial Analog of the Poincaré–Birkhoff Fixed Point Theorem
Nate EldredgeMichael OrrisonShahriar Shahriari (Pomona)An Eigenspace Approach to Isotropic Projections for Data on Binary Trees
Daniel GianottiAli Nadim (CGU)Andrew BernoffFluid Drop Coalescence in a Hele-Shaw Cell
Stephen HaasLesley WardHenry KriegerThe Hausdorff Dimension of the Julia Set of Polynomials of the Form zd + c
Andrew IannacconeByron Walden (Santa Clara)Lesley WardThe Conformal Center of a Triangle or Quadrilateral
Peter LambAli Nadim (CGU)Andrew BernoffRidge Coarsening in Evaporatively Driven Climbing Films
Matthew MacauleyMichael OrrisonJames Hoste (Pitzer)Braids and Juggling Patterns
Christopher PriesWeiqing GuJon JacobsenSearching for Supersymmetric Cycles: A Quest for Cayley Manifolds in the Calabi–Yau 4-Torus
Ross RichardsonWeiqing GuZach DoddsDesigning Smooth Motions of Rigid Objects: Computing Curves in Lie Groups
Jeremy RouseArthur BenjaminNaiomi CameronCombinatorial Proofs of Congruences
Micah SmuklerWeiqing GuFrancis SuGeometry and Topology of the Minkowski Product
Kira SushkoffWeiqing GuMichael OrrisonMinkowski Actions of Quaternion Sets and their Applications
David UminskyMichael OrrisonFrancis SuGeneralized Spectral Analysis for Large Sets of Approval Voting Data


Second Reader
Daniel BoylanLesley Ward, Melissa O'Neill (CS)Henry KriegerDyadic and Triadic Doubling Measures
Mark DeanFrancis SuArthur BenjaminRandomizing the 15 Puzzle
Bradley Forrest (Math/Physics)Andrew BernoffThomas Donnelly (Physics)Modeling Small Droplet Ejection from a Fluid Due to Capillary Waves
Michael GrattonAndrew BernoffAnette HosoiDispersion of a Passive Scalar in Helical Pipe Flow
Josh GreeneArthur BenjaminGregory LevinVarious Results in Discrete Mathematics
Colin LittleChristopher Towse (Scripps)Weiqing GuComplex Multiplication on Elliptic Curves
Cam McLemanChristopher Towse (Scripps)Michael Orrisonp-adic Dynamics and Formal Groups
Lara D. MercurioWeiqing GuThomas Helliwell (Physics)Quantum `Particles' In a Classically Defined Spacetime
Elizabeth NortonMichael OrrisonShahriar Shahriari (Pomona)Representations and the Symmetric Group
Timothy PrescottFrancis SuGregory LevinTucker's Labeling in Branched Spheres and Connections to Topology
Michael P. SchubmehlThomas Donnelly (Physics)Andrew BernoffGeneration and Sizing of Sub-Micron Mists Math Thesis
Anne ShortGhinta (Brown), Christopher Towse (Scripps)Michael OrrisonSpectral Questions and Expander Graphs
Wesley TurnerJoshua Hodas (CS)Weiqing GuA Logically Fully Abstract Concrete Interpretation of PCF+
Curtis VinsonThomas Helliwell (Physics)Anette HosoiQuantum Particles and Singularities
Zach WaltersThomas Helliwell (Physics)Weiqing GuQuantum Singularities in Classical Spacetimes


Second Reader
Kylie Bryant (Fall 2000)Arthur BenjaminLisette de PillisGenetic Algorithms and the Travelling Salesman Problem
Christopher Hanusa (also French thesis)Francis SuArthur BenjaminContinued Fractions and their Interpretations
Teri Krebs (Math/Biology)Michael MoodyJames Groome (Biology)Excitable Media
Angela Kurle (Math/Psychology)Ronald Riggio (CMC Psychology)Henry KriegerDeveloping Scoring Methods for a Non-Additive Psychometric Measure of Social Skills/Interpersonal Competence
Marco LatiniAndrew BernoffMario Martelli (CMC)Mixing in Curved Pipes
Karl MahlburgRhett Bull (Pomona)Francis SuStructure Attacks in Cryptographic Protocols
Ari NiehGregory LevinArthur BenjaminFractional Analogues in Graph Theory
Anand Patil (Physics)Andrew BernoffThomas Donnelly (Physics)Computational Simulation of Fluid Dynamics in Thin Films
Jane PrattLisette de PillisLeaf Turner, Los Alamos National LabsTurbulence, Magnetics, and Closure Equations
Greg PrestonArthur BenjaminMichael RaughCombinatorial Explanations of Known Harmonic Identities
Mike Rust (Math/Physics)Ronald Cave (Chemistry)Michael MoodyThe Approximate Inclusion of Triple Excitations in EOM-type Quantum Chemical Methods
Paul SanGiorgio (Math/Physics)Thomas Donnelly (Physics)Lisette de PillisMeasuring Electron Gas Relaxation in Gold through Second Harmonic Generation
Tracy van Cort (Math/Linguistics)Elizabeth Sweedyk (Computer Science)Karen Kossuth (Pomona Linguistics), Gregory LevinComputational Evolutionary Linguistics
Ian WeinerWeiqing GuThomas HelliwellSuper-Symmetric Three-Cycles in String Theory


Second Reader
Otto CortezLesley WardJorge Aarao (CMC)Brownian Motion and Planar Regions: Constructing Boundaries from h-Functions
Ryan HaskettWeiqing GuThomas Helliwell (Physics)Examples of Volume-Preserving Great Circle Flows of S3
Michael LauzonFrancis SuLesley WardReconstruction of Convex Bodies in the Plane from Three Non-Collinear Point Source Directed X-Rays
Philip MartinHenry KriegerArthur BenjaminOptimal Expected Values for Cribbage Hands
Joel MillerAndrew BernoffJorge Aarao (CMC)Rates of Convergence to Self-Similar Solutions of Burgers' Equation
Helen Monroe (Fall, 1999)Arthur BenjaminLesley WardN-Person Coalitional Games: The Power of More Than One
Elisha PetersonFrancis SuArthur BenjaminCombinatorial Proofs of Generalizations of Sperner's Lemma
Yinan SongWeiqing GuAdolfo Rumbos (Pomona)Finite Invariance of Cayley Calibration Form


Prior to 2000, theses were not archived in a consistent way. Listed below are the titles of some of the older senior theses submitted by students, along with the graduate schools each student went on to attend.

Graduate School
Matthew Fluet1999Searching for Optimal Strategies in Knock 'm DownCornell University
Dominic Mazzoni1999Three-Player Nim and MoreCarnegie Mellon University
David Rudel1999Solving x2 + y2 = zkDartmouth University
Itai Seggev1999Quantum Singularity in Static Space-TimesUniversity of Chicago
Marie Snipes1999Brownian Motion and the Shape of a Region's Boundary: Generating Step Functions from Circle DomainsUnited States Air Force
Aaron Archer1998On the Upper Chromatic Numbers of the RealsCornell University
Dylan Helliwell1998Quaternion DeterminantsUniversity of Washington
Brian Johnson1998Improving Algorithms for the Quillen–Suslin TheoremUniversity of Chicago
Solly Sieberts1998Accuracy of Approximate Confidence Bounds for Reliability of Series SystemsUniversity of Washington
Michael Wood-Vasey1998Outflow Boundary Conditions for Numerical SimulationsUC Berkeley
Kan Yasuda1998The Square Sum Property of Magic SquaresUniversity of Tokyo
Jeffrey Beck1997Internally Coated Cylindrical Wave GuidesNorthwestern University
Jessica Sidman (Scripps)1997Splitting Numbers: Probabilistic Bounds and Computational ComplexityUniversity of Michigan