Senior Thesis Resources

Archived Theses

Archived theses are available on the Scholarship@Claremont website.

External Presentation Opportunity

Consult with your thesis advisor on how to fulfill your external presentation requirement. They may direct you to specific conferences or other opportunities, but the following list of conferences where HMC students have presented their thesis work is a good place to start.

MAA SoCal-Nev Section Meeting

How to Give Good Presentations

Reference Materials for Speeches and Presentations (Colorado State University Writing Center)

Effective Presentations, Jeff Radel (University of Kansas Medical Center)

Advice on Giving Talks, Joseph Gallian. (Math Horizons, April, 2006)

“How to Give a Good Research Talk” (Peyton Jones, Hughes, and Launchbury, SIGPLAN Notices, 28(11), Nov, 1993.) (PDF of the article)

Video of Simon’s talk on “How to Write a Great Research Paper.” That page also has a video of Simon speaking about how to give a good talk (which is, appropriately, a good talk itself).

Simon also has links to other good resources

Also: “How to Write a Great Research Proposal” (Simon Peyton Jones and Alan Bundy).

SIAM: Tips for Making Effective Presentations

The Short Talk, Charles Van Loan

Books on Writing

The following books provide guidance on writing well:

Bugs in Writing: A Guide to Debugging Your Prose, revised edition

Lyn Dupré
Addison Wesley, 1998

Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences

N.J. Higham
SIAM, 1993

“Mathematical Writing”

D.E. Knuth, T. Larrabee, and P.M. Roberts
Math. Notes No. 14, MAA, 1989
Based on lectures from Stanford course on writing mathematics

A Primer of Mathematical Writing

S. Krantz
American Mathematical Society, 1997

How to Write Mathematics

Norman E. Stewart, Paul R. Halmos, Menachem M. Schiffer, Jean A. Diendonné
American Mathematical Society, 1981. (Reprinted with corrections.)

The Elements of Style

W. Strunk and E.B. White
Macmillan, 1979
Classic book on writing well

Mathematics into Type, Updated edition

Ellen Swanson; updated by Arlene O’Sean and Antoinette Schleyer
American Mathematical Society, 1999.

Books on TeX and LaTeX

The TeX Book

D.E. Knuth
Addison Wesley, 1993

A Guide to LaTex, third edition

H. Kopka and P.W. Daly
Addison Wesley, 1999

The LaTeX Companion

M. Goosens, F. Mittelbach, and A. Samarin
Addison Wesley, 1994

Math into LaTeX, third edition

George Grätzer
Birkhauser, 2000

Electronic Resources

MathSciNet database

For searching the mathematics literature
Access is through the Claremont Libraries’ database list or directly from the AMS.

The Web of Science database

Access is through the Claremont Libraries’ database list or directly from the ISI Web of Science.

Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics

An online compendium of mathematical facts from the quadratic formula to hypergeometric functions.

The Claremont Colleges Libraries

In addition, the Claremont Colleges Library website has many useful links to online material, including the library catalog, electronic journals, and other electronic databases.