Clinic Templates

Report Templates

The clinic midyear and final report must be written using the mathematics department provided LaTeX clinic template. In order to compile the clinic report template, both the clinic class and bibliography style files are needed.

LaTeX Clinic Report Class

The clinic report class source code is available at the clinic report class Github page. You will need any one of these files to be able to format your bibliography:

The bibliography style files are maintained at the BibTeX Github page. Make sure the above clinic report class files and a bibliography style file are in your working directory before beginning.

Instructions for compiling clinic-template.tex for the first time.

  1. Change line #39 from \documentclass[replace-with-department-code]{hmcclinic} to \documentclass[mathematics]{hmcclinic}.

There are several document class options that can enabled to compile different reports.

  • \documentclass[mathematics]{hmcclinic} for the final report
  • \documentclass[mathematics,proposal]{hmcclinic} for the statement of work
  • \documentclass[mathematics,midyearreport]{hmcclinic} for the midyear report
  • \documentclass[mathematics,midyearupdate]{hmcclinic} for the midyear update

Sample Report

Here is a PDF of a sample report and what the compiled final report will look like. It contains some good information about LaTeX commands.


If you need help with the LaTeX clinic report class template, please email Melissa Hernandez-Alvarez at

Poster Template

The poster template for clinic can be found at the mathematics poster page.