Wordle of Chemistry Graduate PhD Program Destinations

This image is a wordle which is a graphic that shows words of differing sizes. In this image the words are names of colleges with graduate programs. The size of each word is determined by the number of chemistry alums who attend these programs. The order of word size is in the list below:

  1. University of Washington
  2. UC Berkeley
  3. Stanford
  4. UCSD
  5. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  6. Northwestern
  7. UCLA & University of Wisconsin-Madison
  8. Harvard
  9. Caltech
  10. Cornell
  11. MIT & UC-Irvine
  12. USC
  13. Princeton & UC Santa Barbara
  14. UC Davis
  15. Scripps Research & UC San Francisco
  16. Columbia & Yale
  17. Penn State, University of Arizona & University of Colorado Boulder
  18. Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, & University of Oregon
  19. Carnegie Mellon, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester, & University of Texas at Austin
  20. CGU, Duke, Rice, & UC Riverside
  21. Boston University, Cal Poly Pomona, Cambridge, City of Hope, Colorado School of Mines,
    George Washington University, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Purdue, Rockefeller University, San Diego State, UMass, & University of Minnesota