Research Fellowships

The Kubota and Myhre Research Fellowships in Chemistry

The Chemistry Department at Harvey Mudd College has two research fellowships in Chemistry in honor of Mitsuru Kubota and Philip C. Myhre, emeriti professors of chemistry, in recognition of their dedicated service and significant contributions to Harvey Mudd College.

These Fellowships provide research support for Chemistry and Joint Chemistry/Biology majors to conduct research on campus with a Chemistry faculty member in the summer following their sophomore year, continuing through the junior academic year, and in the summer following their junior year. Summer stipends, academic-year wages, research expenses, and conference travel funds will be available. This year’s Kubota Research Fellowship was awarded to Linden Conrad-Marut ’21 in the lab of Professor Hawkins.

Kubota Fellow Awardee Lindy Conrad-Murat '21

Lindy Conrad-Marut ’21

In the next two years working with Professor Hawkins, Lindy will be studying atmospheric brown carbon reactions and their properties in relation to anthropogenic climate change. Her work has two parts. The first (summer of 2019) is a cloud chamber study in Paris, France with international collaborators. The second is a large field study in 2020 with local and regional collaborators, based throughout the Los Angeles area. The cloud chamber study focuses on understanding the chemical processes that transform organic particulate matter in aerosolized environments. In particular, we are interested in connecting the optical and chemical properties of the products synthesized. The Los Angeles CalNexT study is even more complex. Instead of studying particular reactions in a controlled setting, we will be monitoring the ambient air and determining the average chemical composition and aerosol concentrations over time in relation to air pollution. We will simultaneously be observing the aerosol color, which relates to climate effects. Hopefully, through further understanding of the radiative impact of aerosols on climate and climate change, we will have better insight into reducing and reversing the effects of climate change and a stronger ability to prevent future damage to the environment.

To be eligible to apply for the next Myhre Research Fellowship in Chemistry, HMC Chemistry and Joint Chemistry/Biology majors in the Class of 2022 should apply to the Chemistry Summer 2020 Research Program and express their interest in being considered for the Myhre Research Fellowship. Upon acceptance to the summer program, interested students will be asked to complete an application form and prepare a short research proposal in conjunction with their faculty research mentor.  Finalists will participate in a brief interview, and the Myhre Research Fellow will be announced in March 2020.

Questions should be directed to Professor Haushalter (

Award Year Recipients
2019 Linden Conrad-Marut ’21/Kubota Fellow/Hawkins Lab
2018 Brandon Wada ’20/Myhre Fellow/Van Hecke Lab
2017 Daphne Guo ’19/Kubota Fellow/Van Hecke Lab
2016 Rilke Griffin ’18/Myhre Fellow/Van Heuvelen Lab
2015 Hannah Welsh ’17/Kubota Fellow/Hawkins Lab