Our Students

At the annual awards banquet, the chemistry faculty recognized our chemistry and joint chemistry and biology majors for their academic talents with the Campbell and Sly prizes and American Chemical Society awards. The CRC Press Chemistry Achievement award is also presented to outstanding first-year students in the core chemistry curriculum.

The Dorothy C. and J. Arthur Campbell Prize

This prize was donated by friends to honor Dorothy C. and J. Arthur Campbell. Their commitment to Harvey Mudd College began at the opening of the College in 1957. This prize acknowledges the great contributions of the Campbells and honors a senior chemist for their achievement and promise.  Professor Van Hecke presented Rachael Kretsch ’18 and Omar Velazquez ’18 with the Campbell Prize in 2017.

(left-right) Omar Velazquez ’18, Rachael Kretsch ’18. and Professor Van Hecke

The William G. Sly Prize

This prize was donated by friends to honor Professor Bill “The Snowman” Sly.  Throughout his thirty-four years at the College, Bill displayed a depth of understanding and love of learning that were an inspiration to colleagues and students alike. This prize honors a junior chemist who exemplifies the curiosity, intellectual integrity, and enthusiasm that Bill brought to his teaching and research. Professor Van Hecke presented Theodore Hansel ’19, Fanrui Sha ’19, and Leah Stevenson ’19 with the Sly Prize in 2017.

(left-right) Fanrui Sha ’19, Theo Hansel ’19, Leah Stevenson ’19, and Professor Van Hecke

Harald V. Johnson P70 Memorial Prize

This prize was donated by Ben Johnson ’70 in memory of his father, Harald V. Johnson P70. This award annually recognizes a student who has done an outstanding job of communicating chemistry to the general public and the world outside Harvey Mudd College. The chemistry faculty presented Hannah Welsh with the Johnson Prize at the 2017 Senior Reception.

Awards (*received in May)

  • American Chemical Society Analytical Award recognizes a chemist demonstrating excellence and promise in analytical chemistry:  Jason Casar ’18
  • American Chemical Society Environmental Award* recognizes a chemist demonstrating excellence and promise in environmental chemistry:  Hannah Welsh ’17
  • American Chemical Society Inorganic Award recognizes a chemist demonstrating excellence and promise in inorganic chemistry:  Zachary Evans ’18
  • American Chemical Society Organic Award recognizes a senior chemist who displays a significant aptitude for organic chemistry and to encourage further interest in the field:  Omar Velazquez ’18
  • American Chemistry Society Polymer Award recognizes a chemist demonstrating excellence and promise in polymer chemistry:  Rachael Kretsch ’18
  • CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award recognizes outstanding achievement by first-year students in the core chemistry curriculum:  Matthew Calligaro ’20, Hanna Hoffman ’20, Ivy Liu ’20, and Richard Shapley ’20
  • The American Institute of Chemists Award* honors a chemistry/chembio senior with a demonstrated record of leadership, character, scholastic achievement, and advancement potential in the chemical professions:  Annisa Dea ’17 and Rachel Mow ’17
  • Phi Lambda Upsilon* (Honorary Chemical Society):  Annisa Dea ’17, Emma Klein ’17, Nga Nguyen ’17, Elyse Pennington ’17, and Philip Woods ’17


Students selected to participate in the summer Kubota and Myhre fellowship programs engage in collaborative research and receive expert mentorship from Harvey Mudd College Department of Chemistry faculty.

  • 2017 Kubota Fellowship:  Daphne Guo ’19
  • 2016 Myhre Fellowship:  Rilke Griffin ’18
  • 2015 Kubota Fellowship:  Hannah Welsh ’17