Lelia N. Hawkins Publications

HMC Faculty Publications

(Undergraduate co-authors are denoted by an asterisk)

19. “Evidence for pyrazine-based chromophores in cloudwater mimics containing methylglyoxal and ammonium sulfate, “Hawkins, L.N., Welsh*, H.G., Alexander*, M.V., Chemistry and Physics, 2018, 18, 12413-12431.  Available spectral data (Drive).

18. “Brown carbon production in ammonium- or amine-containing aerosol particles by reactive uptake of methylglyoxal and photolytic cloud cycling, Environmental Science and Technology,” De Haan, D.O., Hawkins, L.N., Welsh*, H.G., Pednekar*, R., Casar*, J.R., Pennington*, E.A., de Loera*, A., Jimenez*, N.G., Pajunoja, A., Caponi, L., Cazaunau, M., Formenti, P., Gratien, A., Pangui, E., Doussin, J.F., 2017,  51, 7458-7466.

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1.  “Uniform particle-droplet partitioning of 18 organic and elemental components measured in and below DYCOMS-II stratocumulus clouds, “Hawkins, L.N., Russell, L.M., Twohy, C.H., and Anderson, J.R., Journal of Geophysical Research, 2008, 113, D14201.